New Lush Launch

A Lush Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask
Last Friday marked the launch of Lush’s new range, bringing permanent additions to the collection. As ever having good reason to treat myself I couldn’t resist popping by to pick up a few pieces. Read on to find out what I bought…


Lush – An Easter of Eggs

A Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb on a pile of chocolate eggsOf course I couldn’t let Easter go by without mentioning Lush. Lush brought out a whole range for Easter, and despite me being in the shop first thing on launch day, life is such that I’m only just getting around to writing it up. So if you’ve got some chocolate to hand read on…

A Lush Love In

Lush Lots of Love giftset
January is always a long month, but this year it felt even longer. For the entire 31 days of the month I abstained from purchasing any Lush products, in store or online. I’m quite impressed with my resolve and of course the only way I was going to reward myself was with a trip to Lush on February 1st.

Whilst I was away Lush launched their Valentine’s range, I’m not big into this occasion, but then I probably wouldn’t be having spent all 24 of them thus far single. Strangely though it seemed only fitting for my first Lush haul of 2017 to be all about love.

A Lush Christmas Haul – Part Three (Sort of)

A photo of products feom the Lush Christmas range

After a while away from Lush I returned to buy more of their seasonal offerings. On my first visit, I bought so much that I split it into three posts, however this time I was a little more restrained, getting the things I had overlooked the first time.

Read on to find out what new festive treats I bought…