Lush Kitchen – September 2016

A package of Lush Christmas productsI know Christmas has been and gone, the words Brussels & sprout probably make you feel a little queasy and you’ve already read my Lush Christmas Haul posts, but I couldn’t resist posting about my second ever Lush Kitchen order from back in September.

All of the products were taken from the Lush Creative Showcase in London, which offered an early sneak peek of the Christmas range. I had obsessively been stalking the event on Instagram and Twitter when it was on, desperate to see what would be available at Christmas so I couldn’t resist it when they put a few of the products on the kitchen menu.


A Lush Christmas Haul – Part Three (Sort of)

A photo of products feom the Lush Christmas range

After a while away from Lush I returned to buy more of their seasonal offerings. On my first visit, I bought so much that I split it into three posts, however this time I was a little more restrained, getting the things I had overlooked the first time.

Read on to find out what new festive treats I bought…

A Lush Christmas Haul – Part Two

If ever there is a time of the year when you can truly indulge and unwind then it is Christmas. In particular that bit in between December 25th and the New Year when all the days seem to melt away and the most important task is crafting the best sandwich of leftovers. This year, Lush seem to have brought out the perfect range of products to help you unwind in the festive season and I’m doing my best to try most of them. If you missed the first part of my haul be sure to check it out here before reading on.

I apologise that this has taken longer to post than originally promised, and that it has been rather quiet on the blog front this past week. I have been afflicted with the most horrendous of colds, and barely able to function as a human being without Lemsip Max and a box of three ply. By now you’ve probably had the chance to check out the range yourself, but nevertheless here is the second part of my almighty Lush Christmas haul…

A Lush Christmas Haul – Part One

My Lush shopping haul on the shelf
Over the past few months I have become quite the ‘Lushie’, my collection has almost quadrupled in size, and I have begun to explore much more of their range than I had in the past. Christmas is for me, my favourite time of the year – there is nothing I enjoy more than planning and buying gifts for others and then seeing their faces light up. So it only makes sense that last weekend I found myself outside my local Lush eagerly awaiting the launch of their Christmas range.

I bought quite the number of items, all of which I managed to sneak into the house, in fairness all of them are probably (read: definitely) for me. I’ve divided the haul into two parts, so that it’s easier to read and not all too long, as I bought about fifteen items, so here are the first eight…

A Lush Christmas

A sign with a drawn penguin in the Lush Window
Yesterday saw the launch of Christmas at Lush, with my obsession only having truly come on in the past few months I’m so thrilled to blog about what will be my first Lush Christmas! I was really excited to see what scents would be released, and having done some quite extensive stalking on the internet I couldn’t wait to see for myself. Thus I found myself awkwardly lingering outside the store, camera in hand, on a Saturday morning waiting for 9am to come!