Saturday Tea – 08.07

A white plate of butternut squash and squid ink pastaIt seems like an absolute age since my last venture in the kitchen, but I was delighted when Saturday rolled around. For this turn I decided to make the meal a tribute to my favourite of all the complex carbohydrates; pasta, and because I’m won’t be donning a bikini this year why not?


Saturday Tea – 01.10

An oven dish of roasted Mediterranean vegetables
As we descended into the colder months I took the opportunity to cook. Life often gets away from me, as evidenced by this write up of an October dinner, but I find that stopping and taking time for food establishes a good balance.

Saturday Tea – 06.08

If you’ve followed the blog for a while then you’ll know that once a month I set out to make a special meal for the family to enjoy. It’s been a few months since I posted about what I served up, but I thought after this weekend’s three course affair I would try and get back into the swing of writing them up.

To kick the meal off was this beetroot and goat’s cheese stack…

Careless In Carluccio’s

After accepting my fate recently, admitting I had missed the train, I looked for something to do within close proximity to the train station (so as not to miss the next one also) and happened to find myself perusing the shelves of the deli in Carluccio’s.

If you haven’t figured by now I am a big fan of food. When I’m not eating food, I’m buying food, or things to make food, or thinking about food. Food! For me food is a passion (and a curse if you look at my hips), sometimes I yearn for nothing more to be in the kitchen, alone, surrounded by seasonings, spices and more. So whilst I was in Carluccio’s I couldn’t help but pick up a few bits…

Saturday Tea – 17.04

Somehow a month had rolled around already and it was my turn to cook for tea again, the time seems to have gone so quickly, though no wonder with how manic work has been lately. Again I was really glad to be back in the kitchen and had planned something that would take over most of my Saturday afternoon.

I’ve wanted to try making a stuffed crust pizza for a long while now, the one that looks a little like a tear and share loaf around the edge of your pizza. I’ve never actually eaten one, nor did I even think to Google how to make one, so this would very much be venturing into the relatively unknown.