Boots Haul: 1st March

It’s a little late but I thought I would share with you my latest shopping trip to Boots. I always seem to find myself in the Trinity Leeds store, whether to fill time before a train sampling the perfumes, or just looking for something new to try. I’ll try and keep you updated with the things I buy, and try so long as you promise to share with me any recommendations!

Perfume Perfection

IMG_0119As this is a new blog for me, and I wanted to write about all things, particularly those I find in Boots, I thought it would be best ease myself in by writing about fragrances. I’m not confident with make up, and spend my mornings putting it on and then taking it straight off before leaving the house with only moisturiser and matte powder on. So fragrances, for me, represent the things I can buy with confidence, it’s not quite make up, but putting on a good perfume sets me up for the day nicely…