A New Touch – Clas Ohlson Lamp

Many of you will know I still live at home with my parents. I don’t complain, much, it’s a good set up, and I have quite the spacious room that I have put time and effort into making my own, with little pieces and unique touches. I get along really well with my parents, and I’d think of my Mum as a very good friend – I tell her pretty much everything, well, almost.

Anyway, how this relates to the above picture of a lamp, is that recently I have been mulling with the idea of whether to push ahead with a plan to move out and rent, or stay at home with my parents longer, but invest a little in doing my room up. I don’t want to look back in a few years and think I have wasted years on rent, but at the same time it would be nice to have a little more freedom, I don’t think I’ve fully committed to either decision, which is how I probably ended up buying this lamp.


Emma Bridgewater in TK Maxx

An idle Saturday spent browsing the aisles in TK Maxx and I was almost beside myself when I came across Emma Bridgewater stationery. I must have been redeeming some serious good karma to find these beauties…

Papergang #1 – August 2016

Stationery is one of my true desires in life, aside from good food, chic homeware and fulfilling my quest to keep dust away from my Xbox. What better way to indulge in one of my great joys than receiving a carefully curated box each month.

If you read my post about a week ago then you’ll know that I recently signed up to a Papergang subscription. It wasn’t long before my first box hit the doormat, so here’s a rundown of my thoughts on what I received.

A Newfound Love: Elsie and Nell

IMG_2500.JPGMillennium Galleries and the Winter Gardens are two places I must visit whenever I’m in Sheffield, the exhibitions and the towering tropical plants are so wondrous! Surprise, surprise I also like visiting as the Millennium Galleries has an incredible shop that stocks independent and local artists and designers.

On my latest visit I picked up a couple of pieces by Elsie and Nell who were unknown to me before, but not might just be one of my favourites.

A Papergang Preview

Papergang is a relatively new subscription service, promising the chicest and most covetable stationery through your letterbox every month. Run by the Gods at Ohh Deer each box showcases the very best of an artist or theme.

After several months of umming and ahhing, and lots of indecision I finally signed up just in time for the August edition. Before my first box hits the mat I thought I would share with you a few of my first impressions…