Five Reasons to Visit the Northern Craft Summer Fair

IMG_6927Back in April I attended the first Northern Craft Fair, which I loved every minute of! With the next fair this weekend I thought I’d share five reasons why I’m looking forward to it…


The Creative North – Northern Craft Fair

A green Northern Craft Fair tote bag
After what seemed like aeons this Saturday was finally the Northern Craft Fair. I was up and out of the house early to make my way over to Northern Monk Refectory to indulge myself in all things creative.

Northern Craft is an independent collective of artists formed by Sean Mort (who I think I spotted) and Carley Batley (currently living it up with a dog in the US), to promote the creative craft scene in the North. They have held several fairs in the past, however this was my first.

Papergang #2- September 2016

The blue ombre cover of the Papergang September box
One thing I have noticed that I am very good, at is treating myself. I treat myself if I’ve achieved something, I treat myself if I’ve had a bad day and often everything in between those two as well. One of the newest trends to appeal to my inner indulgent self is new subscription boxes. If you read my blog, you’ll know I maintain two subscriptions, Birchbox and Papergang.

At the moment I’m a bit behind on my Papergang and Birchbox posts, so you might see a few more of them over the coming week or two while I get back up to date. Here’s what I got in my September Papergang delivery, if you can even remember September…

Victoria Gate – First Impressions

A picture of the sign at the entrance to Victoria Gate

As you’ll know the new Victoria Gate shopping centre opened in Leeds last week and I was one of the first through the door to check it out.

Leeds has its fair share of shopping centres and arcades already, on a rainy day I can be found darting from one to the other in a bid to keep dry they are that close! Victoria Gate takes the place of what was once a police HQ, shopping parade and a very forlorn car park designed as an extension to the Victoria Quarter it promises quite the luxury retail experience.

Victoria Gate Preview

If you’ve been anywhere near Leeds in the past year you won’t have missed the Victoria Gate Shopping centre creeping up on the Leeds skyline. The glam new retail venue promises somewhat of a luxury shopping experience, bringing with it the biggest John Lewis outside of the capital.

In recent days they’ve been lighting up the skies across Leeds with spotlights, so ahead of the opening today I thought I would give a bit of a preview with my thoughts – I’ve scheduled this post to go out just when the centre opens, so as you read this I’m probably in one of these shops…