5 Things I wish people understood about my depression

A picture of York MinsterYou may have seen my previous post about my experience of depression, well I started writing this post before that one, and it’s a little list of the things I only wish people understood about how depression affects me.


Depression: My story 

As a child there was a little handheld game I played. The aim of the game was to put out fires in a tower block as Mickey Mouse. You’d be putting out one fire and whilst you weren’t looking, another would appear in a different window, and that’s what I can best equate my mental health to. I spent over a year of my life trying to put out something that I thought was the most important fire and whilst I devoted all of my time, and energy to that, a bigger fire was spreading elsewhere, and that fire was depression.

Hyde Park Book Club – five reasons you should go!

View out of Hyde Park Book ClubHyde Park Book Club has always intrigued me, whether I’m zipping by in a taxi or crawling past on the bus. Even though I’ve been a student in Leeds, and worked at two of the three Universities, I’m sad and a little ashamed to say that I’ve never visited. A dreary Saturday provided the perfect excuse to try it out and here are the reasons you should go too…