Saturday Tea – 19.03

IMG_0907.JPGIn our house we have a tradition of a different family member cooking each Saturday, and the other weekend it was my turn.

I enjoy cooking, and find it very stress relieving, especially when it’s just me in the kitchen, and Mum isn’t messing with the heat. It’s a very nice way to unwind after a particularly stressful day or week. The week prior had been my first at work since returning from London (it’s taken me a while to put this up), and had been a long one so the menu was thrown together a bit hastily at the eleventh hour. I incorporated a few cheeky shortcuts to relieve the pressure a little.


Easter Eats: My Chocolate Stash

IMG_1080.JPGI’m not at all religious, so Easter does not bare much significance to me apart from chocolate. I use Easter as a mark – a quarter of the way into the year, time to relax, to give (small) thanks to others, and to indulge on absurd amounts of chocolate over the course of four days. This year I had  bit more of an upmarket hoard of cocoa based products, having recently visited London, so take a look what I’ve been indulging on.

Food Review: Original Fry-Up Material

WP_20141017_010.jpgLast weekend, after a spot of shopping I visited Trinity Kitchen for lunch and said I would write it up, so as promised here it is!

I like to finish a Saturday shopping trip with lunch in Trinity Kitchen, they’ve seen many traders have residencies since it opened a few years back. My favourite of the current batch would have to be Original Fry-Up Material.

Rainbow Rolls

IMG_0455.JPGThere wasn’t much I knew I definitely wanted from Selfridges, apart from these; Rainbow Bagels!

Easily noticeable the moment I stepped into the bakery with beautiful marbled effects, –  yellows, greens, blues and purples I knew I just had to try these. I had seen them on Instagram in the weeks before my visit and had set my sights on them pretty early on, claiming a bag for my own and then clutching it for the rest of my time in Selfridges!