I’m That’s me! ^ I’m Jess and a twenty something blogger from Leeds. I like cooking, shopping and trying to make friends with other people’s dogs.

I try and blog about most things that I spend my money on, including food (mainly food), beauty and style as well as a little of the inner thoughts of my mind!

Aside from using and abusing my debit card my hobbies include cooking and baking, being with my amazing friends and playing video games. If you want to keep up with my day-to-day antics and find out more about me I’d suggest finding me on Instagram or Twitter.

I produce and use all of my own images unless stated & I’m currently using a Canon 1200D, and an iPhone 7 for the job – feel free to ask me about them!

Everything you’ll read about on this blog is paid for by me, and if it’s not I’ll clearly let you know.

All images are my own and cannot be used or reproduced in any way.