All aboard!

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My name is Jess, I’ve recently turned 25 and I live in Leeds. I’m keen to write about anything that interests me, so this blog will be a bit of a mashup.

You might not see to many pictures of me on the blog, I’m a little camera shy, so if you ever see me doing a Vlog be surprised. There is barely a picture of me without a scarf or hat – and often it is both like you’ll see above!

I’m currently using a Canon 1200D, which is a nice step up from my camera phone – feel free to ask me about it! I aim to post once every other day, with a bit of lenience over the weekend, hopefully I’ll keep to it! If you want to keep up with me day-to-day I’d suggest finding me on Instagram or Twitter.

Everything you’ll read about on this blog is paid for by me, and if it’s not I’ll clearly let you know. I wouldn’t worry too much, I’m not notable enough to be sent freebies!

All images are my own and cannot be used or reproduced in any way.