Benefit Hoola Lite

Benefit Hoola Lite bronzerA little time to spare before a train and obviously I found myself in Boots, drawn to the counters. Keen to try something new after, a quick demonstration I ended up buying this little beauty.

Benefit Hoola Lite BronzerI really struggle to find makeup products to match my skin. It takes a great deal of effort to maintain my sickly shade of pale/jaundice, and finding things such as foundation can be tough, with my face not matching the rest of my skin. Benefit have seemingly answered my prayers and released Hoola Lite. This is a version of the much acclaimed bronzer, and beauty bag staple Hoola designed for fairer skin.

In store I received a demo of it, and at home I find it applies really easily. I don’t build up the coverage too much as I like to wear minimal makeup, on the odd occasion I so do actually bother, the result is a healthy looking glow. It comes with a small, very soft brush, however I haven’t used it too much, opting for my own brush instead. The brush is a little too small for my hands, but it is super handy if you’re taking the bronzer with you.

Benefit Samples
I was looked after in store by Gemma, who did my consultation. She was super friendly and helpful, telling me about some of the other Benefit products on offer, many of which I have sample sizes of. After I finished she gave me a good handful of samples which is always welcome!

Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer cost £24.50, which is in line with the pricing of their other products. It’s not the cheapest, though nor the most expensive bronzer, however I looked at it more as an investment. It’s really hard to find the correct shade for paler skin like mine, so I’m pleased I bought this!


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