New Lush Launch

A Lush Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask
Last Friday marked the launch of Lush’s new range, bringing permanent additions to the collection. As ever having good reason to treat myself I couldn’t resist popping by to pick up a few pieces. Read on to find out what I bought…

Three Lush Jelly Face Masks; Bunny Moon, The Birth of Venus and Just To Clarify
One of the highlights of the launch is five jelly masks (£6.95/each). I controlled my need to buy them all, and opted for 60% of them instead. They’re filled with rich and nourishing ingredients to pamper the skin. Bunny Moon was my first choice. This pale mask, speckled with gold lustre with a honey scent is designed to give a soothing moisture boost to skin. Just to Clarify has a citrus based scent and is there to brighten and exfoliate whilst The Birth of Venus is a more calming lavender and sea water scent and is here to help balance and soften your skin.

To use these new masks you simply rip off a piece and then work it into a lather in your hands, finally applying to your face. The pot recommends leaving it on for five to ten minutes, but I think longer might be better. To remove it you wash off with warm water or a cloth, so I’ll probably use a spare cleanse and polish cloth as it’ll be easier and less messy.

A Hair Doctor and Marilyn Lush Hot Oil Hair Treatment
As part of the new range Lush have launched four new Hot Oil Treatments for hair. Each with a different purpose to keep your locks in tip top condition! I opted for two. choosing Hair Doctor and Marilyn (£6.50/each). Hair Doctor is brimming with Peppermint where as Marilyn has a citrusy smell. To use these you melt them in a mug of boiling water, and after letting it cool a while apply and leave for 20 minutes – all of this sounds like a perfect way to pamper yourself on an evening.

To make way for the new launches Lush have discontinued a number of products, including some absolute favourites. Fizzbanger Bath Bomb and the Comforter Shower Gel are set to go, which I’m most upset about. I made sure to stock up on my favourites last week before launch day and I promise I’ll post what I got soon!

Lush Cheer Me Up Buttercup Bath Bomb

Lastly I picked up a Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb (£2.95) It’s a very citrusy affair with lemon myrtle and lime juice with a hint of neroli too, but there’s also plenty of cocoa butter packed in too to make it very moisturising. The addition of blue cornflower petals give it a really sweet look. It’s the same size as Butterball, so the price is spot on.

As ever on launch day I was looked after by Bex, at this point I don’t think it would be a launch day if it wasn’t Bex who greeted me as I step over the threshold. She is always keen to talk through the new launches and, whether I’m in a few minutes after opening, or later in the day she is so well versed on each and every product, it’s ingredients and origins.

Sadly my local Leeds city centre store didn’t receive any of the jelly bombs like I had hoped and read it would. Jelly bombs were what I was looking forward to most, a new and novel take, mixing jelly into bath bombs for added moisture. Thankfully though these were available and in stock online – with the exception of Marmalade, which is delayed pending further development. I ordered one of each and they should arrive this week so I promise to put up a separate post with those in! I was however pleased to see that the Leeds store now stocks some of the Body Sprays, did I not already own three (post soon, I promise, I’m so behind!) I would have probably not have been able to resist.

It’s the Lush Showcase soon in September which I’m looking forward to! This is where Lush demonstrate their upcoming releases, so this time it’ll be the Halloween and Winter range which I am super excited about. I can’t decide whether I want to get tickets and go down to London or just obsessively stalk the event on Instagram.

In total I spent £36.80, this is quite low compared to what I would usually spend on a launch day, though this is mainly due to the lack of jelly bombs. It’s somewhat inevitable that I’ll go back and buy the rest of the new range, but I might wait a little while first. Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve treated yourself to something from the launch!


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