A Mooch In Moonko

Moonko Girls are Strong Tote Bag
A week or so ago now I made it down to Sheffield, and if you know me then you know I was headed to Moonko!

Moonko fittonia plants and a Hypoetes
The main reason I visited Moonko was with the intention of buying (more) plants. Recently Moonko have expanded the range of plants that they offer and I was lucky enough to have visited just after a delivery.

I couldn’t leave the store without buying several fittonias, as you may have read I previously ordered a fittonia and aloe from Moonko and I think the ones I bought on this occasion are equally beautiful. These fittonias were £4.50 each, I don’t think I could pick a favourite of the three. The leaves are bigger on these than my previous plant, and I think the colours are also more stark. I haven’t found a place to put them yet (I’m waiting on some beautiful new pots) but I’m definitely going to have them where I can see them from any point in the room.

For similar reasons to why I adore the Fittonias I also loved the Hypoetes (£4.50), that you see at the top of the picture. Instead of the vined leaves the Hypoetes has spots of pink. I always remember when I was younger walking through the greenhouse of the local stately home and being mesmerised by coleus plants, so perhaps that explains my current obsession with these types of plants.

A Moonko Oxalis Triangular and a red fittonia
Along with another beautiful Fittonia, this time in hues or red and pink, I chose this Oxalis Triangular for £7. It’s a medium sized plant and each little stem has three triangular shaped leaves coming off it, hence the name.

Initially what attracted me to this is the colour of the leaves, and how the dark purples stand out against the brighter greens of the stems.

Helpfully the receipt lists all the names of the plants I picked up, so I can easily go online and check out care and advice for looking after them as I’m quite keen to keep them alive a little longer than some of my others (current record is two weeks from purchase to compost!)

Two Moonko prints and a Rifle Paper Co card
I already bought a large copy of the ‘Girls Are Strong’ print for myself and a friend when they were released initially, but I couldn’t resist buying this smaller A4 version as well for £10.00. I know to some that will make me seem positively mad, but it’s nice to have options. The tote bag at the top of the post I spotted on the way out, and despite me having already paid for all of my other items I couldn’t stop myself getting it too for £15.00.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I couldn’t resist posting a snap of the ‘Save The Whales’ print before I posted this blog. Like the ‘Girls Are Strong’ piece it is also a Moonko work, and I’m so delighted to have it. Costing £16.00 I cannot get over the colours, and how starkly the grey of the whale contrasts the bright and blended cloud. I’m not sure where I would put this in a house or flat, but I know that I’d only hang it in a simple frame to make sure it stands out more.

I also couldn’t resist picking up one Rifle Paper Co card (£3.00). I now have quite the collection of about 30 of these and I’m still hoping to one day make a Rifle Paper Co wall of cards displayed in individual frames. I find the illustrations on their cards so stunning. I’ve actually only sent a few Rifle Paper Co cards, so think yourself very lucky if you’ve ever received one!

My total spend came to £73.50, which is quite a bit, but it ended up being one of only a few shops I visited in Sheffield so I don’t feel as bad. I walked around the whole of Meadowhall without spending my money, and I’d much rather it go somewhere local and independent than there.

I was really pleased to have gone to Moonko, if you’re ever in Sheffield make sure you visit Moonko, it’s up on Division Street, a little before the Steam Yard (which I must try!) If you can’t get to Sheffield definitely check out the Moonko website, I browse it after a tiring day to look at all the pretty things!


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