Plants from Moonko

A aloe and fittonia plant from Moonko Sheffield
Recently, I’ve found myself loving all things green – plants that is! In the past month I’ve bought pots, succulents and even a mister. When Moonko posted about needing to test posting plants I couldn’t resist and treated myself to two new additions…

A aloe plant from Moonko Sheffield
A variegated aloe was the first plant I chose, with this little specimen costing £5. It has these cute triangular, speckled leaves that fan out from the centre. According to my limited knowledge an aloe is (possibly) a type of succulent, favoured for it’s soothing properties. The latter I know because it’s my go to beauty ingredient when my eczema comes knocking. The website lists it as being very easy to grow, requiring “minimal effort”, which I am thrilled about as it means a bit of water once a week and we’re good!

This would be my sixth succulent, all of which are fairly small. The most recent one I purchased before this was from Geo-Fleur at the Northern Craft Fair, and all of my others came from Flourish in Manchester. I’m trying to see how I go with caring for the ones that I have at the moment, ultimately I want to build up to creating my own terrarium, but in baby steps!

A fittonia plant from Moonko Sheffield
The second plant, and the one that I was most excited about was this Fittonia Mosaic Pink Forest Flame (£4.50). Much like coleus plants, I adore fittonias for the vivid colours and patterns in their leaves, and thankfully this is no different! The leaves are a mix of a dark green with veins of pink. At the moment the leaves are quite small and densely packed – I’m not sure if this will grow in size, but either way I will be delighted!

My plants were wrapped up so snugly and didn’t suffer any damage in transit – in fact barely any of the soil had moved from the pot! I’m so pleased that they arrived safe and sound. I gave each plant a little water and set about finding them a new home. I will transfer them to a different pot in time – when I’ve found a suitably chic one that is!

If you’re interested in getting a little greenery, or are in love with the fittonia as much as I am then check out the Moonko website. Alongside a few larger plants Moonko also stock an amazing range of products including Bonbi Forest scarves, Rifle Paper Co stationery and a gorgeous copper cube terrarium that I will buy one day! Moonko have also recently become a stockist of Rob Ryan’s work, which is incredible news! If you’re ever in Sheffield then I’d thoroughly recommend visiting the shop, it’s up on Division Street past John Lewis.


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