Leeds Indie Food Preview

A Leeds Indie Food Festival magazine with a glass of orange juiceLeeds Indie Food Festival is almost upon us, and I thought I would share a little about it as well as my thoughts ahead of this two week extravaganza.

A Leeds Indie Food Festival magazine introduction with a glass of orange juice
2017 is the third year of Leeds Indie Food, a fortnight to eat, drink and do! There are over 100 events set across the two weeks, and across the city of Leeds. Leeds has its wealth of festivals, but for me this is the standout one this year. In the past I’ve religiously attended the annual Food and Drink Show in Millennium Square, but even I’ll admit that last year I found it a little disappointing, with it mainly being drinks and bars that is, apart from Northern Bloc, Northern Bloc could never disappoint me.

I really enjoy all things food, eating food, cooking food, buying food… dreaming about food! This is the perfect event for me! Last year I attended the Leeds Feast, which is part of the event, but nothing more, this year I’m really excited to try as much as possible. I’m looking forward to tasting new cuisines, visiting new places and discovering things that I might not have otherwise experienced.

A Leeds Indie Food Festival magazine on a page about festival passports, with a glass of orange juice
I wasn’t going to let this year go by without getting myself a festival passport. This little gem only costs £10, but unlocks a world of possibilities. Not only did I get priority access to all tickets, allowing me to pick and choose my events without having to fend off the general public, I also have a wealth of discounts and offers for right across the city at my finger tips.

The passport is a cute little A5 book, which is beautiful and minimalistic, and it’ll be coming with me everywhere for those two weeks. I’m going to hang onto mine after the festival too as a sort of keepsake, to remember all the times I will have gotten too gloriously full to move at any great speed. In the book there’s also space to earn stamps from all the venues that you visit, which is novel. I don’t think I have a single stamp in my actual passport from travelling, but there’s no way I’m going to let this one be the same.

A Leeds Indie Food Festival magazine schedule with a glass of orange juice
The schedule for the two weeks is jam packed full of some amazing events. There’s everything from foraging, to a beer and doughnuts matching event, so there’s bound to be something to tickle your tastebuds. During the fortnight I’m attending at least 7 events – I tried to them so they’re spread out across the two weeks, apart from the first few days which are quite busy.

I’ll be doing another post in a couple of days, highlighting which events I’m booked onto and am most looking forward to. I spent quite a bit on tickets, but thankfully they were released a few wees after my birthday back in February, so I used some of the money from turning 25 (!) to go towards it.

A Leeds Indie Food Festival magazine passport discount list with a glass of orange juiceOne of the glorious benefits of having a festival passport is the discounts that come with it. I counted over 45 benefits of having the passport, whether it’s 20% off at Bundobust, 10% off at George and Joseph or many more incredible discounts! Not only does the festival have an incredible lineup of events, it’s also encouraging people to get out and try some of the places Leeds has to offer.

Whilst narcissistically, deep down inside I’d probably like to consider myself a foodie, I actually naively haven’t tried as much of the Leeds inside food scene as I would have like. If I’m being honest it’s pretty shameful, Leeds had such a vast wealth of stellar, independent food venues and it is wrong not to explore them. I’ll be using my passport discounts as much as possible around the events I’ll be attending, whether on my own or with friends as this is the perfect excuse to get stuck in (literally) to some of Leeds’ best food.

If you’re interested in this incredible festival, which you very much should be, you can check out the Leeds Indie Food website. There you can find a full programme of events, as well as the chance to snap up any remaining passports and tickets – be quick about it though! 


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