The Lost and Found – Virginia K. Stevenson

The Lost and Found menu bookThere’s nothing better than being in the company of friends, unless, that is of course you’re having food with friends (or in my case friend).

The Lost and Found on Greek Street is a unique bar and eatery, offering a period twist on the classics. The Leeds Branch of the Lost and Found is named Virginia K. Stevenson after what I imagine is an entirely made up ‘forward thinking and free-spirited individual.’ 
The Lost And Found duck skewers starter
To start the meal I dined on duck skewers, which were served with a noodle salad and sticky soy dressing. As soon as I saw duck in the menu I knew this was going to be my order. I very much enjoy duck and this dish was no different. It was a very nice starter, not too rich but decadent nonetheless. The red bell pepper brought some added crunch and a change of texture to the dish. I was worried about mixing cuisines in my meal, but I needn’t have feared as it fit in perfectly.

The duck was cooked a little pink for this dish, and initially when I noticed this I recoiled slightly. I’m a terrible philstine and am all about having my meat cooked through and through, even steak, but I thought I would at least I would give it a go. I don’t know whether it was this that made the dish so delicious, but even if it wasn’t I’d be happy to have it again (which sounds so macabre).

The Lost and Found grilled halloumi sandwich with chips and crispsThe weather was rather pleasant on the day we visited, and, having picked the wrong outerwear I had been somewhat warm. Therefore I opted for a lighter choice for my main, ordering the grilled halloumi sandwich with a side of fries. In a crisp baguette the grilled halloumi was topped with gherkins, sauerkraut and Russian dressing, a wholly delicious affair. What did seem a little odd, though perhaps it is just me, was having a meal with both crisps and chips. I think I would rather of had one or the other but not both, saying that I did manage to greedily finish both.

Overall my main was good, but I think next time I may choose something different on the menu, as this seemed to be lacking in something, but I can’t quite put my finger on what. My dining partner had the Spicy Chilli Chicken pizza, without the chicken as it wasn’t halal, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

The Lost & Found chocolate brownie puddingBoth my dining partner and I opted for the same pudding, the very delicious and decadent sounding chocolate brownie (£6.25). Onto a warm brownie was added chocolate mousse, chocolate shards and a good dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Everything was just right and exactly how you would imagine it to be. The brownie was gooey, with a slight crust in the outside, pairing well with the lighter mousse, the chocolate chard a change of texture and a little crunch with everything else so soft. The vanilla ice cream was smooth and melted away into the brownie, it also had little vanilla seeds in, which is always a good thing in my opinion.

The Lost & Found Hedgerow Cooler mocktailThroughout our meal we drank from the Temperance drinks menu, where the mocktails were plentyful. Hedgerow Cooler (£5.75) was the stand out drink, which we both enjoyed. A refreshing blend of blackberries, apple juice, soda and syrup, they were the perfect thirst quencher and seemed to suit each dish. To go with pudding I treated myself to a little tipple with the Kings’s Bramble (£7.95), a blend of Sipsmith Gin and Sloe Gin, as well as Chambord. It was a very refreshing drink, and nice, but I couldn’t help wishing that it would have been a little sweeter.

We were served by CJ, she was ever so polite and patient, especially when we took far longer than reasonable to order – but that’s what happens when you haven’t seen someone in three weeks! The atmosphere seemed relaxed and casual as the place was rather quiet. I arrived a little early so took some time to sit in the bar area, making a mental note that it would be a good place to come back to for just drinks.

Our dinner came to £65.15, including a couple of offers on our mains, making them £6 each. I don’t think that’s unreasonable for 3 courses and two drinks each, it’s a little cheaper than somewhere like The Alchemist, but it still comes with some of the same feeling, in a more relaxed environment. If you’re looking for somewhere a bit different to go without blowing the budget then I’d definitely suggest giving the Lost and Found a try, if you’re a little hungry why not check out the menu here!


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