Lush – An Easter of Eggs

A Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb on a pile of chocolate eggsOf course I couldn’t let Easter go by without mentioning Lush. Lush brought out a whole range for Easter, and despite me being in the shop first thing on launch day, life is such that I’m only just getting around to writing it up. So if you’ve got some chocolate to hand read on…

Lush Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel & a Chick N Mix Bath Bomb
Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel (£11.95/500g) was initially something that I was quite sceptical about. I like carrots, yes, but in a shower gel? I wasn’t sold. In my OCD quest for a Lush collection I bought a bottle anyway to try, and I’m very glad I did. The scent is carrot based but it’s not offensive, there are other notes too to lighten it. I’ve found that since I bought it I’ve been reaching for the bottle on a morning and use it as an alternative to scents with more citrus notes.

The Chick N Mix Bath bomb (£6.95) is huge, I can’t convey how big it is, but it would barely fit in the lush bag when it was being packaged and stickered up. It comes in three parts, a yellow top, blue base and a little orange chick. It can be used for one bath, or three. With Bergamot oil it’s a very citrusy and uplifting affair.

I also bought the Golden Egg Bath Bomb (£3.95) which you see in the first picture. I’m not really a big fan of glitter, so I’m quite surprised that I picked this up, when I bought it in store everything it touch became covered in glitter and after taking the photos not only was I bathed in glitter but the area was too! Nonetheless I am looking forward to using this as the scent is amazing, it smells like a very cocoa heavy bath bomb, almost like a toffee scent, so it’ll be quite moisturising too!

Lush Flopsy Face Wash Jelly, Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bar and a Chocolate Lip ScrubThis Flopsy (£7.95) Facial Wash Jelly follows on somewhat from the Papa Noel Face Wash Jelly. You rip a piece off and lather it up to use as a face wash, this smells like a heavenly blend of carrot and carrageenan. I think the mask looks a little sinister, perhaps more Donnie Dario than Easter bunny. If I took a selfie in it, it might be similar to the time I used a sheet moisture mask and looked like I could be a body double for Silence of The Lambs, maybe that’s just my face though!

Chocolate Lip Scrub (£5.75) is an must purchase from this range. Not only does it have a heavenly chocolate orange scent, but it’s packed with oils to nourish and give moisture. It’s a lighter scrub with sugar, so it’s not overly harsh or aggressive to use.

I couldn’t talk about the Easter range without buying the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar (£6.50). This was one of the first items I bought last year that marked my start of amassing a Lush collection. I remember going to the store in the Trafford Centre and being captivated by the range, and all the amazing colours. This year my local Leeds Lush didn’t get the carrots in for launch day, so I was sure to head back after they had taken a delivery so I could get my hands on some.

Two Which Came First Bath Bombs, one smashed to reveal a smaller bath bomb insideWhich Came First Bath Bomb (£6.95) is a blend of grapefruit and lemon, reflected through the colours. When you crack it open, a little chick is revealed, the store assistant suggested doing this on the side of the bath, however with Mother Balme’s bathroom suite being less than a year old I opted rather safely for a hammer.

There are two designs available, one is spots and the other stripes. I’m not quite sure how this relates to the Chicken and egg, it my preferred design would have to be the stripes. I like the contrast between the pale pink and the brightness of the yellow in the bath bomb.

A Lush Scrubee, Buy One Set One Free Bath Bomb and a Charity PotWhilst in the store I naturally managed to pick up a couple of little extras. The first being a Scrubee (£6.95) which is a heavenly cocoa butter scented body scrub. Scrubee was released earlier this year, with the Mother’s Day range and I wanted to make sure I had a spare it is that good. I picked up the Buy One Set One Free Bath Bomb, this is a charity bath bomb highlighting the plight of Andy Tsege who has been on death row for over 1000 days. You can read more about Lush’s involvement with the campaign here and as well as sign the petition for his release. I also was persuaded into buying a Charity Pot (£3.50) at the till, which also supports good causes, I have a few of these little pots now and usually keep them in my bag as a spare moisturiser. Finally I picked up the Hydrangea Knot Wrap (£4.50) that I used for the background for the photos.

In total I spent £73.60, which admittedly is more than I would have liked. A lot of the items were more than I would usually paid for a bath bomb or Bubble Bar, this is because they are designed to yield more uses than normal. The Chick n Mix Bath Bomb can be used for up to three baths, and the Which Came First Bath Bomb can make two baths.

Easter is the last new range in Lush now until Halloweeen, though I have heard rumours of some new mainline products arriving over Summer. If I’m honest I’m a little relieved at this, as probably is my bank, and my Mother. I adore Lush but even I’ll admit I’ve spent quite a lot these past few months, so it’s time to get my collection in check and to use some of the bath bombs and bubble bars that I do have – look out for works of (bath) art on my Instagram!

There’s still a little time to get your hands on the Easter range, you can either go in store or visit the Lush website, everything will be available until stock runs out.


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