Bettys – Bakes In The Bag

A Bettys treat box on a Sunday Times newspaperA recent visit to York and I couldn’t resist popping into Bettys, and popping into Bettys always means I end up with a bag full of treats. So here’s what I tucked into one very indulgent Sunday.

A box of Bettys Macaroons on a Sunday Times newspaperThe first thing I chose was a box of six macaroons. This was probably because these are often the first things I see when I squeeze past the tea room queue and into the shop area. I was delighted to note that since my previous visit, that the flavours had changed from more autumnal fruits to lighter summer editions. I opted for a variety of flavours, but made sure that I had two of the passionfruit ones as these are my favourite flavour of macaroon.

Outside of anything I buy in the food halls of London, Bettys would have to be my favourite macaroons. At home I have a couple of recipe books dedicated to macaroons including one by the macaroon god himself, Pierre Hermé. I think I must start trying to make these little delights myself, so that I can have them whenever I fancy. I wouldn’t be doing anything too exotic to begin with though, maybe a simple chocolate macaroon.

A Bettys Fat Rascal Scone on a Sunday Times NewspaperIf you know me then you know I couldn’t go to Bettys without picking up a fat rascal to give to Granddad. Not only is it nice to treat him to one it also usually guarantees that he will open the door and let me in for a chat and a catch-up as he absolutely cannot resist these. If you’re unfamiliar a fat rascal is a scone baked with fruit and topped with glacé cherries and a few almonds. He’s forever asking when he sees me coming back from a day out (my Granddad lives next door to us), if I’ve been to York, and then if I haven’t asking why, and if the place I went to has a Bettys, and if not why did I go there!

I’ve had a few fat rascals myself, including some of the seasonal variations, and I do find them to be very good, however when faced with all the sweet and chocolatey treats that Bettys offer I find myself choosing those over a fat rascal. When I do enjoy a fat rascal though, I like nothing more than to have a slab of butter nearby and alternate between a piece with, and a piece without butter.

Two Bettys Chocolate Ganache Mice on a Sunday Times NewspaperAnother thing I cannot resist is Bettys little ganache bites, well, they’re probably not meant to be bites for civilised people, but they don’t last too long in my company! Because they’re smaller I picked up two, but ended up sharing the second with someone else over a good cup of tea and a natter.

These are pretty light treats and have Sachertorte sponge base which is then topped with ganache finished with a generous coating of Grand Cru chocolate. At current they are mice but the design changes with the seasons, whilst I like the mice the ganache bees are the cutest to me!

A Bettys White Chocolate and Raspberry GugelhopfGoing out on a bit of a limb I decided to buy this white chocolate and raspberry gugelhopf. I had never had one before, but seen and admired them on previous visits, so feeling a little flush I decided to try one. The layer of chocolate gave way to a light but slightly spiced sponge which I found to be rather pleasant.

There area few things that Bettys do that I haven’t tried, such as some of their loaf cakes, savoury bakes and most importantly afternoon tea. I keep looking the the online availability when I know friends are visiting but I never seem to have any luck!

A Bettys Chocolate Brownie Cupcake on a Sunday Times NewpaperTo finish I couldn’t resist without picking up a chocolate brownie cupcake. These are a staple throughout the year at Bettys but the design changes, for autumn it’s a owl or fox, but now as spring is here it’s a cute bunny. He’s not that cute though, because I have no qualms about scoffing him down! These cupcakes are amazing and so decadent, the topping is made from marzipan, usually I would avoid that like the plague but I don’t mind it at all when it’s on top of these!

Despite me picking up quite a lot I only spent £18.65, which I think is good value –
I had quite the big bag to get back home on the busy train! I was served by Heather, all of the staff in the larger York store, and indeed any Bettys I visit are incredible, but Heather would have to be my favourite. She’s always patient when I’m choosing, packs everything with such care and attention and is so warm and welcoming.

I absolutely adore Bettys and hope it’s not long before I can return! If you’re now feeling a little hungry (and I don’t blame you!) visit the Bettys Website where you can order most of the treats mentioned and try them for yourself!


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