The Alchemist – The Benefit of Brunch

The Alchemist Trinity LeedsOne of the things we’re constantly told in life, among many, many others is that we should never skip breakfast. Heeding that advice, well, sort of, I visited the Alchemist for brunch.

A jug of Rooibos tea and a teacupI’d actually never been for brunch before in my life, something which I feel rather shameful for. It was always something that the cool people did, and post on their Insta. It isn’t that I’m not a morning person because I’m up at crack o’clock, I guess it is just that I have taken the opportunity to go for brunch.

To start my brunch I ordered a tea. Feeling somewhat sophisticated, and also at a loss because there was no option of a fruit tea, I chose a Rooibos tea. I’d heard of it, and I’ve seen people drink it so I thought why not. It came in a measuring jug topped with a good dose of theatrics, smoking its way to our table. As I found out very swiftly Rooibos is not at all to my taste. I’m happy to have at least tried it, but it would be nice to see a fruit tea option when I next visit.

A breakfast of toast, avocado, poached egg and baconFor my first ever brunch I could choose nothing other than the Smashed Avocado and Poached eggs served on toasted the bread, with added bacon. I opted for this because all the cool people have avocado on toast and I did rather fancy poached eggs too. The dish was presented very well and thoroughly enjoyable. I let the egg yolk run into the avocado and ate it with the perfectly crisp bacon. It wasn’t too heavy, and was delightful as a start to the day, even though I might not consider to combine these ingredients they worked rather well.

I would have rather not have had the chopped chillies, I’m not really a lover of spice, and there was no mention of them on the menu. They made their way into a little pile in the corner of my plate. Otherwise the meal was absolutely delicious and everything I had hoped for from my brunch. I think if the mood strikes me I would very much like to try and recreate this one day at home (sans chillies). I’ll admit too, that rather naughtily I ordered a side of hash browns, treating myself to a little extra indulgence.

My dining partner had large waffles, drizzled with syrup and topped with fluffy scrambled eggs. I must admit I was a little envious of her as the waffles did look rather yummy.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice creamI was actually surprised, (though secretly also pleased) when the waitress brought across the dessert menu. I had heard my dining partner gush about this dessert since our first visit to The Alchemist back in summer, and having not tried it when we visited for my birthday I felt it was probably time that I should try the Sticky Toffee Pudding. It completely lived up to the hype in every way.

In total our brunch catch-up came to £40.40, which included three drinks, two brunch dishes and a dessert each. I know there are cheaper breakfast options out there, having recently also had the ‘experience’ of trying a McDonalds ‘breakfast’ for the first time as well. I would argue though for what we got it wasn’t bad value, with The Alchemist I do know that you’re paying for the prestige of it all.

I thoroughly enjoyed brunch, I can see the allure of having something nicer than a greasy fry up for breakfast. Adults go for brunch, and the whole experience made me feel rather mature, and like I had my life together, (reality: I don’t). I can’t really make a habit of going for brunch too often though, but I know if I do The Alchemist will be up there in the list.


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