Saturday Tea – 01.10

An oven dish of roasted Mediterranean vegetables
As we descended into the colder months I took the opportunity to cook. Life often gets away from me, as evidenced by this write up of an October dinner, but I find that stopping and taking time for food establishes a good balance.

Antipasti skewers with cured meats, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes
For starters I created these antipasti skewers, using some of my favourite cured meats, including chorizo and parma ham. This looks quite a simple starter, but I did enjoy it very much. During the week I often don’t get chance to eat richer foods such as Mozzarella, or cured meats so I relished this opportunity.

To serve these I drizzled over some pesto and mango balsamic vinegar, for added flavour, I don’t know whether or not this was a necessary step. Doing these antipasti skewers makes it really easy to manage the rest of the cooking as they only need to be prepped and you can do that in advance so long as they’re kept in the fridge. If you wanted to have a dinner party you could use these or smaller versions to greet guests.

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Paccheri pasta
As the main dish of the meal we had pasta served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables. This was a meat free main, though entirely unintentionally. The pasta was large flat tubes which I had spent a long time searching for as I wanted them to be just right.

I didn’t make quite enough as I should have for five portions. In a slight moment of madness I decided to style it out by serving the food on one half of the plate only. I have seen this done on Instagram, though perhaps the three strips of gruyere was a little far.

Despite the small portion sizes I am very glad with how it turned out even if it didn’t look the best. The dish did take a while because of the time taken to slow roast the vegetables. I think, were I to repeat this in the future not only would I put the veggies in earlier, but I might also add the pasta and some cheese turning it into more of a pasta bake.

A warm chocolate udge cake slice with melting sauce and cream
To finish the meal we had this rich chocolate fudge cake. I hadn’t planned on serving a pudding, but Mother picked this up from the supermarket. As the day was particularly cold I warmed very generous portions up and served it with cream or ice cream depending on people’s preferences. As the main course hadn’t been a large portion this pudding was just what was needed to finish us off and send us to the sofa very contented.

This meal was also the first time I plated some up to take to my Granddad the next day. I’m really keen for him to taste my cooking, and to find out his thoughts. Thankfully he seemed to really like it, or so he said anyway! I’m hoping to build this up over time to asking him round for a meal that I would cook. Granddad comes round for birthdays and Christmas but not much else, and I very much would like to cook an entire meal for him.

Anyway, that was what I cooked, it seemed to go down very well. I was pleased with how my roast vegetables turned out and I am definitely going to recreate the antipasti skewers again – they’d make perfect snacks or appetisers in the summer months!


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