A Brief Bit On Bundobust

A beer glass engraved with the Bundobust logo, surrounded by food

A little while ago I met up with some friends for nothing more than a good old catch up. One of the group suggested the venue should be Bundobust, an Indian street food and craft beer eatery, nestled down one of Leeds’ side streets. I originally had a table for four arranged in for a box standard Italian chain, and never have I been so glad I cancelled a booking.

A Bundobust dish


Ever since it opened Bundobust has been on my list to visit, and yet through nothing other than my own naivety I never visited. Indian food isn’t necessarily my favourite, as I’m a stout lover of flavour and not spice (please don’t judge me too harshly!), but Bundobust had always intrigued me. I’d heard many of my favourite Leeds food bloggers rave about it, and as soon as I stepped over the threshold on a miserable evening, I knew they were right.

Bundobust has a somewhat unassuming entrance, inside is rows of benches and tables with a warm and snug feel. Exposed brickwork, which I adore, forms the wall of this long venue, leading to the bar and kitchen. Our table had a lit candle and there was a relaxed vibe throughout the place. There is an outside area, though I didn’t think that even the comfort of my Barbour jacket would not make me go outside, because of how harsh the weather had become.

A table full of Bundobust dishes

Being rather hopeless at choosing, one of us eventually managed to suggest that we opt for the combo for four, a mix of dishes from right across the menu. I also ordered a mocktail, and found it the perfect, refreshing accompaniment to my meal. The dishes came out in good time and quickly our table was filled with all manner of small white bowls and dishes.

As I was fully engrossed in the company present, unfortunately I didn’t pay enough attention to write a full review. I somewhat regret this, though I had nothing short of a fantastic time. In between conversation we established that we were all in agreement about how amazing the food was. It wasn’t overly spicy, though there was one dish I was warned to steer clear of to protect my overly delicate tastebuds. Because of my illness I can’t always enjoy Indian food to the full, but this was without doubt the best Indian experience I have had to date.

I hope to find the time to make it back in the next month or two to explore more of the menu and give it the justification it deserves with a full review. You can check out the menu in the meantime – if you have any favourite dishes please let me know!


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