Lush – Valentine’s Love In (Part Two)

Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub surrounded by cherry lip sweets
You may have seen the first part of my Lush Valentine’s haul recently so here is the second half, cherry lips and all.

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
This Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar is certainly unique. The scent is a combination of lavender and neroli, which very much reminds me of Twilight. At £4.25 this brings the price in line with some of Lush’s most expensive bath bombs such as the Golden Wonder. This makes me question if the price point is a little high, however it is intended for multiple baths which is better value.

I can’t really see the connection between this product and February 14th. I could make some joke about meeting my own prince charming being as likely as spotting a unicorn and that somehow being the link. I’m not necessarily complaining, I just think that this Bubble Bar might appeal a lot more to small children than say myself.

Two bottles of the pink Prince Charming Shower Gel
Prince Charming (£10.95 for 250g) is the Shower Gel in the range. I hadn’t heard much in the run up to its release and I was a little curious as to what it would be like. I’d describe the scent as a sweet vanilla, it does have a subtle layer of citrus as well, which comes from the grapefruit and pomegranate. The colour is much more of a vivid pink than these pictures show, and not at all a soft pink, which did frighten me a little.

I bought two bottles of this as it is a seasonal product and I wanted to ensure I had enough to last me a while. Sadly one of the bottle tops broke on the day I bought it, (this seems to happen in the same place on the lid) so I’ll just have to be super careful and then swap it over when I finish another bottle.

Lush Lover Lamp Bath Bomb
The last thing I bought from the range was this Lover Lamp Bath Bomb (£4.25). The scent is a very calming and soothing vanilla with cocoa. This bath bomb is white all the way through, adding to the sensual and relaxing experience. I love all my Lush products but there is something about a white, calm bath that just speaks to me.

The appearance is somewhat similar to that of the Lava Lamp Bath Bomb, with one colour on the bomb, and then three small little hearts packed with nourishing oils and cocoa butter. It looks rather minimalistic with the hearts being rather small which I quite like.

Kiss lip scrub (£5.75) is the only lip scrub in the Valentine’s range. It has such a sweet smell, almost like candy. Lush Lip Scrubs are always so easy to use, though I can be a bit messy with them. They leave my lips feeling ever so soft. In the scrub are tiny little edible hearts, I don’t know if they serve any purpose such as added moisture, however they are quite cute.

I rather like the Valentine’s range at Lush, especially the Over and Over Bath Bomb and the Prince Charming Shower Gel. Thankfully not everything was love hearts or rose petals as I had feared. Who knows? Maybe it has softened my heart.


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