Lush – Valentine’s Love In (Part One)

A Lush Kiss Me Quick Washcard surrounded by Cherry Lips sweets
As you’ll have read, the day after my January Lush ban was over I was straight to my local Leeds Branch to pick up items from the Valentine’s range. So here, with some candy shop styling, is what I bought…

Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt with Cherry Lips sweets
I adore the design of this Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt (£3.95), with two interlocking halves. As far as I know both parts have the same ylang ylang and rose scent. Lush Kitchen released a shower in this scent, but as they have only been doing 500ml bottles lately I haven’t ordered as it means the bottles now cost about £20. At the moment my skin is rather dry thanks to the cold weather so I could to with using more bath melts rather than bombs.

I think even though this is intended to be used in one bath I might spread it across two baths, using each half for one. I know that Lush is quite an expensive brand for many and even though I do have a large collection, I would like for it to last as long as possible, and minimize waste.

Two Lush Over and Over Bath Blmbs, with a orange top and yellow bottom half
I couldn’t leave without buying two Over and Over Bath Bombs (£4.25e), I am very eager to try these and they look perfect! As the colour suggests it contains a blend of citrus scents, including lime, which are then accompanied by fennel and orris oil. This bath bomb is special as it is given a bath melt coating, which is the orange cap that you see. This means that as well as having the fun of a bath bomb you’ll get a hit of moisture too!

This is one of the headline items from the range, and as I very much enjoyed Never Mind The Ballistics I wanted to ensure that I stocked up before it was too late. For many Lushies, two probably isn’t a lot to stock up on, but I do have quite the growing collection of bath bombs.

There is a similar bath bomb in the Valentine’s range: Roller. Roller is exclusive to the Lush Kitchen and has very much been sold out every since it first came online. I saw it restock once but within a heartbeat it was sold out again. Roller is a floral and fruity mix, purple in appearance with a bath melt cap, just like above. I would love to try one, so I think I might have to be a bit quicker of the mark if they restock online.

A Ladybird Bubble Bar
I think this Ladybird Bubble Bar (£3.95) looks very sweet and innocent, whilst it is for Valentine’s day, I think it would make a perfect gift for a younger person. The scent is one of geranium and peppermint which sounds quite unusual, but is promised as a sweet and uplifting affair. I must admit that I am a little hesitant to use this though as I don’t want to crush the little one – its too cute!

The Kiss Me Quick Washcard (£2.00) was near the top of my wish list – I was worried that by the time I made it into store on February 1st, almost two weeks after the range was released, that there would be none left. Its looks incredibly delicate, so I was surprised that mine survived the journey home at the bottom of my bag. The headline ingredient is fresh apple pulp, so I am desperately hoping it smells like So White as that was also one of my favourites from Christmas. I’m a little apprehensive as to using it, but I imagine it’d be a bit like using a shower jelly, in that after a while you get the hang of it.

I picked up another four items on my visit, but because I took individual photos of each item it makes more sense to split my little haul into two posts. Tomorrow I promise that you can read about the other items that I bought!


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