A Lush Love In

Lush Lots of Love giftset
January is always a long month, but this year it felt even longer. For the entire 31 days of the month I abstained from purchasing any Lush products, in store or online. I’m quite impressed with my resolve and of course the only way I was going to reward myself was with a trip to Lush on February 1st.

Whilst I was away Lush launched their Valentine’s range, I’m not big into this occasion, but then I probably wouldn’t be having spent all 24 of them thus far single. Strangely though it seemed only fitting for my first Lush haul of 2017 to be all about love.

Lush Over and Over Bath Bomb
One of the headline products from this range would have to be the Over and Over bath bomb/melt hybrid. Over and Over is quite similar in appearance one of my favourites, the Christmas Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb. I’m hoping that it is just as good, like its pink topped counterpart it also has a citrus based scent, featuring lime and nourishing cocoa butter.

There is growing corner of my room that now seems to be a Willy Wonka esque store of bath bombs, shower gels and jellies, in all manner of vivid colours and scents. I love Lush, to many that is no secret, but the reasons why are probably a little less known. Mornings aren’t always the easiest, especially with my illness, but I find great solace in choosing a shower gel and matching shampoo. Could I do this with something I would find in Boots? Very probably, but there is a quality with Lush products that adds a sense of occasion. If the joy of picking a £12 shower gel is the one thing that spurs me to get out of bed in the morning then you’re damn right I’m going to buy it.

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Just like Valentine’s day, I don’t really do unicorns, or pink, or sparkles, but there is something I find quite fascinating about the Unicorn Bubble Bar. I’d challenge anyone to not smile when they see this for the first time, it has such an uplifting appearance. The scent is one of lavender, making it ideal to be crumbled into a running bath after a long day – I know of a few friends who would deserve this right now!

I think Lush products really give an opportunity for you to treat and love yourself, whether its soaking in a bath as a bomb fizzes away, indulging in a decadent shower routine or pampering yourself with a face mask. The time that we take to do such things is vital, it allows us to find space to relax, to rejuvenate and to find peace and clarity within ourselves, or to wail along to Dolly Parton like no one is listening!

Lush Kiss Me Quick Buisness Wash Card
One of the things that made it straight onto my Valentine Lush list was this Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card. I have never seen anything like this, in Lush or elsewhere, so I knew I had to pick one up to try out – it looks rather fragile though! Made from fresh apple pulp, you use it by breaking a bit off and lathering it up, releasing what is hopefully an invigorating citrus aroma.

I think, something I have come to accept recently is that loving yourself is very important, possibly above a lot of things in life. I’m happy being alone, it took some time to reach the stage where I was happy in myself, and I’m a big advocate that you have to achieve this before you can be happy with someone else. This Valentine’s will be the 25th single, and I’ll probably only have the company of gin and my Xbox, but that’s okay because I know one really important person loves me, and that person is me.

You’ll know me by now, and you’ll have probably figured that I couldn’t spend this long in Lush taking photos without buying a few things – look out for a post in the coming days about my lovely haul, though there will be minimal love hearts involved!


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