Lush Kitchen – September 2016

A package of Lush Christmas productsI know Christmas has been and gone, the words Brussels & sprout probably make you feel a little queasy and you’ve already read my Lush Christmas Haul posts, but I couldn’t resist posting about my second ever Lush Kitchen order from back in September.

All of the products were taken from the Lush Creative Showcase in London, which offered an early sneak peek of the Christmas range. I had obsessively been stalking the event on Instagram and Twitter when it was on, desperate to see what would be available at Christmas so I couldn’t resist it when they put a few of the products on the kitchen menu.

A bottle of the orange coloured Buhbly Shower Gel
I’m not really a champagne or prosecco girl, but I was instantly attracted to Bubbly Shower Gel. This 250g bottle cost £13.95, and is packed with orange oil and grape juice. The scent is so refreshing and uplifting and it makes such a good thing to use in a morning shower to wake you up.

At the time I forecast this very easily becoming a festive favourite and it very much did – I made sure that when I hit the sales (posts coming soon!) I stocked up so I have enough to last me the year. Its a scent that would work well throughout the year, including in summer as it has a citrus base.

A pot of pink Snow Fairy Body Conditioner
Snow Fairy Body Conditioner was also top of my list of wants (needs) from the menu. I hadn’t actually ever experienced Snow Fairy before this Christmas, but I had read enough to know that it was a must to try. Snow Fairy is a very sweet scent, and a rather marked step away from my usual musk or vanilla based perfumes and products. Described as being a sugary, candy floss scent, I find to be rather intoxicating and terribly moreish.

Being still somewhat new to Lush at the time and only just beginning to explore more of their range beyond Shower Gels and Jellies, I naïvely thought that this was a moisturizer. Instead it is a product to be used at the end of a shower, and then rinsed off to provide easy and quick moisture. I have used in shower moisturizers before, in particular Nivea, but I was really excited to try this. I couldn’t wait to pair it with the Snow Fairy Shower Gel when it came out in October for an even stronger scent.

A little pot of the red Santa's Belly Shower Jelly that is filled with gold stars and glitter
I adore the textures of Shower Jellies and their fun wobble, this Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly was a source of much intrigue, as soon as I heard of it I wanted to know what the scent would be like. Thankfully it smells of fresh juicy and crisp apples – I’d make a guess as to which variety of apple, but I don’t want you to think me any stranger than you already probably do.

Its just a small pot but it still packs quite a punch and this is my first Shower Jelly with a shape, you can just about make out a belt buckle in the jelly, which is filled with gold stars and glitter. This pot cost £3.95, which is think is good value, not many people seem to be a fan of Lush Shower Jellies, but I do quite like them.

Polaroids of Lush Kitchen creators
Again in my box I found cute Polaroids of the people that made my products, with Sophie making two of the three items I received. Mariusz made the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner in this order, but also made some of the items in my previous delivery! I’ve only made two orders but I’m starting to have favourites among the Lush Kitchen staff – is that bad? I’m keeping the Polaroids and now have a small collection of about ten (my August order was a little oversized!)

In total my order came to £27.85, I’m really glad that I’m sticking to my one a month order rule and hope my resolve continues. I’m not in the slightest regretting coming across the Lush Kitchen by accident as it has opened up a whole new side of Lush.


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