A Lush Christmas Haul – Part Three (Sort of)

A photo of products feom the Lush Christmas range

After a while away from Lush I returned to buy more of their seasonal offerings. On my first visit, I bought so much that I split it into three posts, however this time I was a little more restrained, getting the things I had overlooked the first time.

Read on to find out what new festive treats I bought…

Two bottles of Rose Jam Shower Gel
Rose Jam (£9.95/250g), was arguably the second of the headline shower gels, after Snow Fairy. When I smelled the bottle in store it came across as a rose and lemon affair, though not over powering with floral scents as I had initially feared. I was quite surprised that I like this as I would usually avoid anything with a floral note to it and tend to choose musk or vanilla based perfumes.

When I returned home I wasn’t quite as enamoured with the scent as I was in the shop, and in some ways I regret buying two bottles. It wasn’t quite as citrus based as per my first impressions sadly. I appreciate that Lush products can vary but I’m not quite sure whether my nose was broken the day I bought this. I’m hoping it will grown on me the more I use it.

A Star Dust and So White Bath Bomb
Star Dust (£2.95), is quite a small bath bomb compared to others in the seasonal range, however under the minimalistic white exterior there is a wonder of colour and scents, with vanilla, rosewood and bergamot being the base smells for this light bathing experience.

The crisp apple smell of the So White Bath Bomb (£3.75) is so refreshing. For me apples are quite festive, or spiced ones are at least! Sometimes I want to get a bath earlier on in the day, or I want a soak that will re-energize me rather than set me up for a snooze and for that this seems perfect. I love the simplicity of the design with the one green leaf, but it’s not all basic, the colours inside as it melts away are amazing!

Yog Log Roulade, Magic Wand and Never Mind The Ballistics
A Shower Roulade is not something I have used before, but this Yog Nog scented version (£5.95/100g) had to go in my basket. It smells of sweet, vanilla caramel, almost toffee and is the perfect way to indulge in the shower. I haven’t yet quite gotten the hang of how to use it without it ending up on the shower floor, but I think just like with my Lush Jellies it will come with time. It lathers up superbly, if only I had a shampoo to match!

The Magic Wand (£5.95) is a reusable Bubble Bar that belongs to the Snow Fairy scent family. Anyone who knows anything about me is probably quite shocked that I picked it up considering it is not only pink, but very, very glittery. I couldn’t resist getting something else that shares the sweet candy floss scent as I am finding it very irresistible at the moment.

I’d seen the Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb (£4.25) demonstrated when I made my first trip to buy from the Christmas range back at the start of October, however I had gone with a very strict shopping list which I surprisingly stuck to! This Bath Bomb/Bath Melt hybrid gives off a intense citrus smell which matches the vibrant colours as it fizzes and melts away.

Salt and Peppermint Bark and a Father Christmas Bath Bomb
Salt and peppermint bark (£5.95) was a bit of an impulse purchase – the pieces they had in my local store did not look as vibrant as shown on the website. During the harsher winter months I suffer from quite excessively dry and flaky skin (glamorous!) so I have to scrub, lightly, to ensure that my skin remains in tip top shape any that any dead skin is removed. I am very much hoping that this products smells like sweet peppermint candy canes as they very much remind me of Christmas.

I didn’t particularly like the design, of Father Christmas Bath Bomb (£3.75), however much like the Magic Wand Bubble Bar I bought it as it shares the candy floss scent of Snow Fairy. I have seen a lot of Instagram images of people making Lush Bath cocktails and thought I could start by pairing products of the same variety.

A Lush Snowman ShowerJelly, Sleepy Body Lotion and Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub
In some ways I’m probably very immature, so I couldn’t resist picking up the other seasonal Shower Jelly Snowman (£3.95) for a play. This little snowman is a stark white colour and folds up to fit in the pot. Much like many of the other products it has a citrus based scent, but also has carrot too. I’ve been rather savage and have cut him up into smaller pieces as I find it much easier to use Shower Jellies this way.

I could not resist picking up a small pot of Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub, the smell is so sweet and heavenly and I only wish they had made a bath bomb too! The pot is enriched with Jojoba oil to moisturize whilst exfoliating and the purple colour comes from the heavenly blackcurrants.

The Sleepy Body Lotion (£7.95) has a calming lavender based scent with oatmeal. I was initially reserved as to how beneficial it would be in helping me nod off, but I have been very pleasantly surprised. I apply a small amount to my hand and lower arms and find that it works wonders, and the tub will last quite a while too as a little goes a long way.

I’ve now covered pretty much the whole of the Lush Christmas range in my series of posts, aside from a few products which aren’t scents that I prefer (I’m looking at you marzipan!). I’m really enjoying everything I bought so far, and the So White Bath Bomb would have to be one of my favourites from this post of its crisp fresh scent.

Let me know what you think!


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