Papergang #2- September 2016

The blue ombre cover of the Papergang September box
One thing I have noticed that I am very good, at is treating myself. I treat myself if I’ve achieved something, I treat myself if I’ve had a bad day and often everything in between those two as well. One of the newest trends to appeal to my inner indulgent self is new subscription boxes. If you read my blog, you’ll know I maintain two subscriptions, Birchbox and Papergang.

At the moment I’m a bit behind on my Papergang and Birchbox posts, so you might see a few more of them over the coming week or two while I get back up to date. Here’s what I got in my September Papergang delivery, if you can even remember September…

A blue ombre notebook
This My Week Planner, designed by Jamie Mitchell is the star item of the box. Its spaciously laid out with two pages per week, and sections to plan, record appointments and more. At the back of the notebook there is also a zips pocket for keeping important documents, though you probably couldn’t fit very many of them in. The notebook isn’t dated either, which means I can get planning straight away!

I really like the blue ombre style, blue is for me, my favourite and a very calming colour. I’m not that keen on the plastic cover, though it would most definitely keep the notebook clean in my bag. The plastic also has that curiously nice smell of new plastic.

Two Ohh Deer greetings cards
I’m still enjoying the fact that we get sent a different greetings card each month, so was delighted when this month we received two! The illustration on the hedgehugging card is so innocent and adorable. I really like this series of cards, and I think I am going to hang onto this one for myself. The second card that we received had a comic strip which was a bit more of my sense of humour, this one is earmarked for an upcoming birthday.

The zoological gift wrap that you see as the background to the image was also included in the box. I think this is really sweet, I like the confetti of colour it uses as well as the animal illustrations. I think I will use this if I need to wrap a gift for a small person, as I think it would suit children perfectly.

A printed calendar card and post-it notes
I find these post-it notes rather funny, I do have a wicked sense of humour sometimes, and am known for my many layers of sarcasm so they are right up my street. They are a little small, with the border reducing the space to write as well. My sister once bought me some rude post-it notes which I loved, and got me through my dissertation reading. They’re fine for using yourself, but I wouldn’t leave one of these out for someone else!

I really like this Papergang delivery, I think some of the stationery was a little quirky, but that’s what I like. At the moment I’m trying to evaluate whether I want to continue with Birchbox, Papergang or neither, but I think I’m going to wait until the new year to decide. If you’re interested in trying out Papergang use this refer-a-friend link! 


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