The Body Shop – VIP Event Haul

A personalised tub of Body Butter next to a Christmas decoration
If you’ve been reading my blog lately, (shoutout to the one, lone person), then you’ll know that a few weeks back I attended a VIP event at The Body Shop. I promised to let you know what I bought, and that post is finally here! So here’s what I got my hands on…

A trio of Body Shop shower gels with a personalised tub of body butter
At the event I couldn’t resist buying one of each of the seasonal shower gels, of the three the Frosted Berries scent would have to be my favourite. The Vanilla Chai and Spiced Apple are both very nice, but I have always preferred berry and citrus based scents. These bottles cost £5 each and I know they’ll last a while as Body Shop Shower Gels go quite a long way.

To go with each of the Shower Gels there is also a corresponding Body Butter. I don’t use perfumed moisturizers any more, but I really liked the Frosted Berries scent enough to buy one. Body Shop butters are really fantastic, rich moisturizers which are perfect for the colder months. My tub cost £14 – which is the same price as the non-seasonal scents.

The newly revamped store also has a personalisation feature for Body Butters and I couldn’t resist getting mine all jazzed up in the spirit of the festive season. You can get a label printed to say pretty much anything you want, except profanities of course. These would make such great gifts for anyone you care about, but this one is all mine!

A bright striped bag with Bath Fizzers spilling out
These little Bath Fizzers are so cute, much like a pick ‘n’ mix stall you grab a paper bag and get filling it with these sweet delights. They come in four flavours; Poppy, Candied Plum, Berry Bliss and Vanilla Delight – at just £1 each they make perfect stocking fillers.

At the event I picked up several of each for myself, but I might have to go back and get some more for presents. They’d make ideal stocking fillers for young children or teens. I remember when I was growing up I used to love Body Shop bath pearls and how much they fascinated me. I marvelled at watching them melt, using many more than needed, much to the annoyance of Mother.

A Mango scented Christmas gift set
I also bought this little Mango gift set for £5. It comes with two miniatures – a shower gel and a body lotion as well as a small shower puff. You can get this set in most of the Body Shop scents – I chose Mango as I thought it would make a good stocking filler.

The Body Shop does fantastic gift sets, if you’re luck and spot when they’re on offer it’s even better. I find the Body Shop to be fantastic value and always head there during my Christmas shopping, everything from stocking fillers to complete presents in themed gift sets. The sets start at just £5, like the one I bought, and go up to £40.

Upon a bath pillow rests Peppermint Foot Scrub and a Round Body Brush
Through the Winter months I really struggle with my eczema and it does get me down. I thought this soft bristled Round Body Brush might help. I’m trying to get into a routine of buffing and moisturizing on a night to try and keep my skin hydrated. The Brush cost £8 and looks quite the part – I’m going to start using it very gently on my legs, arms, chest and neck over the next few days and hope it helps.

The Peppermint Foot Scrub I bought with the hopes that it would keep my feet soft and well scrubbed. The range has a really invigorating smell, and lasts a long time. Peppermint is a natural scent choice for the foot range, and it is quite cooling, though the Body Shop used to do a Lemongrass range which I must admit I preferred. This pot cost £7 and I can’t get wait to get to work with it.

To finish I also chucked a Bath Pillow for £8 into my basket. Since Chez Balme got the new bathroom I’ve been struggling to find the comfortable angle in the bath and hope this will help. I did worry a little that it might just be a gimmick, but I’m going to try it out at the next opportunity I get to unwind.

A Vitamin E gift set
At the end of our visit we were each presented with a Vitamin E goody bag when we reached the till. I really like this range and have several of these products already – its a real godsend if, like me, you suffer with dry skin or eczema though the Winter months. Included in the set was a Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Toner and Moisturizer, everything you would need for a thoroughly nourishing routine.

I really enjoyed the event and being able to explore the new store and Christmas range. In total on the night my spend came to £70 exactly, but thanks to offers and discounts my actual total was £49. I got rather a lot of stuff so I don’t think it is bad value at all – I’ll be popping back soon to get more of my Christmas shopping done.


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