A Mini Trip To Harvey Nichols

A box of Brew Tea Co Tea, and two alcohol miniatures
Often for me a Saturday spent shopping includes a trip to Harvey Nichols, not for the fashion of course, that I simply couldn’t afford. We don’t have a Selfridges or Harrods in my little corner of the North, so often the fourth floor food hall of HN Leeds has to be enough.

So here’s what I bought on one of my recent mornings spent searching for new treats…

Brew Tea Co losse leaf tea displayed in a glass cup
Without even being able to smell this Brew Tea Co Fruit Punch loose leaf tea (£4.95) I knew I just had to buy and give it a try. Loose leaf tea has become a bit of an obsession of mine lately, and fruit tea is always at the top of the list.

The tea is made up of large pieces of heavenly fruits and peels, the moment boiling water is poured over it an intense and uplifting aroma fills the air. Within no more than two cups this tea has become an instant favourite of mine – the flavours are well balanced and I would as happily drink this at the end of the day as I would at the start.

A Monkey 47 gin and Scallwag Whiskey miniature
Harvey Nichols in Leeds has quite the collection of miniatures, for me this is ideal as it means that I get to try a little bit of different alcohols without having to commit to buying a big bottle. The Monkey 47 Schwarzwald dry gin (£7.50) intrigued me purely because of the label. As you may have read Irecently bought a Hendricks miniature, so thought I would try this dry gin as well.

The Scallywag whiskey (£7) I picked up as a thank you for someone who had done me a small favour – I’m not a whiskey drinker myself, but I would like to think that I can make good choices when buying this particular variety of tipple.

In total my little shop came to £18.45, my favourite item would have to be the loose leaf Brew Tea Co tea – its such an intense and delightful taste experience, I will make sure to look out for more of their products!


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