Lush Kitchen August – A Large Delivery

A picture of Lush Kitchen parcel boxes on the shelf
August it ain’t, of that I am aware, but I couldn’t not post about my Lush Kitchen orders, starting with the first one I ever made.

Lush Kitchen is an online only section of Lush Cosmetics, where each day at around 8am small batches of products are released. Kitchen items can be anything from discontinued retro favourites, pre-releases and exclusive new products.

Honey I Washed The Kids Shower Jelly and Solid Perfume on the side of the bath with bubbles
Honey I Washed The Kids would have to be one of my favourite Lush scents. It smells and feel luxurious and comforting, often like a warm hug in the shower. I used to buy the soap quite frequently, but then I would often wish it was more practical to use in the shower. These were the two items that drew me into ordering, I find the honey, almost toffee like sweet smell of Honey I washed The Kids irresistible.

Solid Perfume is not something I have used before but this Honey I Washed The Kids edition (£9) tempted me into giving me a go. From what I have gathered thus far it works so easily, in that you warm it beneath your finger and then apply to the pulse points. The Shower Jelly (£7.95) is everything that I had hoped for, the moment you remove the lid you are immersed in decadent and reassuring notes of hone, toffee and perhaps even the slightest hint of orange perhaps my only wish is that I would have bought more than one pot.

The Comforter Body Lotion and Shower Jelly
Thankfully on the day I ordered from the Kitchen some of the previous day’s products were still available so I also bought The Comforter Body Lotion (£13.95) and Shower Jelly (£7.95). This is a scent I came across only at the start of Summer, but love it as though I had know of it for years. Each bottle smells as though it is packed with a million berries and blackcurrants, warming cassis also adds to the experience.

I really like shower jellies, I find that they are so versatile. I often break a little off and then lather it up in my shower puff – this gets the most out of it and also ensures that I’m not dropping any precious pieces in the shower. The good thing is that you can freeze them or put them in the fridge – which makes things like Whoosh or Refresher a godsend on sticky Summer nights.

A bottle of Slammer Shower Gel topped with soap bubbles
The Slammer Shower gel was a bit of an impulse purchase, a 250g bottle is much more of a commitment than my usual 100g, especially at £11.25 a bottle. I had never come across this in stores so I was very much intrigued to try it out. I am quite a fan of citrus based scents, they work wonders in the shower all year around.

As well as the citrus it also has strong notes of honey, I find it’s the perfect antidote to those sluggish mornings when the duvet cover seems to weigh that much more. A little goes a long way, which I’m really pleased about too considering the price – the shower gel is also not too thick and easy to get out of the bottle.

Three Lush tins lined up - Whoosh, Lip Lime and Honey
I almost forgot about Whoosh Temple Balm (£4.95), Lip Lime (£6.75) and the Honey Lip Scrub (£5) as they were nestled away at the bottom of my parcel. This little trio of pots pack a lot of promise. I’ve never used any of these products before, or any similar that Lush sell so I was excited to give them a try.

I’ve been attempting to use the Honey Lip Scrub regularly these past weeks, what with the arctic whether we have been experiencing. When I do use it I can see a noticeable difference, especially when I pair it with the Lip Lime. Thankfully I have not yet had need for the Temple balm, but I’m keeping it to hand just in case I do get a headache.

A Too Drunk Emotibomb
The last thing that I added to my basket was this Too Drunk Emotibomb for £3.25. At the point of ordering I wasn’t too sure what an Emotibomb was. I learnt that it was a similar to a regular bath bomb but it should be used in the shower, by placing it on the floor of the bath. It was a very awakening, and refreshing blend of mint and fennel with a hint of chocolate too. I was a bit sad that it was all gone within the space of a ten minute shower, but it was a very intense and reviving experience.

As a relatively new Lush obsessive or ‘Lushie,’ Lush Kitchen seems a fantastic addition to what is already an incredible brand. You have to be quite quick and keen to get your hands on the daily items though – when I checked back a few hours or so later a couple of my choices had sold out. The Honey I Washed the Kids Solid Perfume went so fast that I didn’t manage to get it in the morning, but later in the day it became available again so I snapped it up.

In total my order came to £70.80 which is rather a lot, so I’m glad my Mother hasn’t figured out the URL of my blog yet (as far as I am aware). The Lush Kitchen products are a little more expensive than the items you might find on the shelves instore, this is because they are in much smaller batches.

This delivery was quite a lot, so I set myself the rule that I would only order from the Kitchen once a month, it now being late November I have a couple of posts to catch up on, so keep your eyes peeled for my posts, fresh from the Kitchen!


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