The Body Shop Leeds – A Fresh Look

The Body Shop Leeds Briggate interior
Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a VIP shopping experience at the newly revamped Body Shop in Leeds. Recently it has undergone quite the transformation and having not had the chance to pop by and check it out I was quick to rsvp.

The invite was generous enough to allow me to bring a friend, so we seized this opportunity, grabbed our baskets and got stuck in…

A row of Body Shop foundations
If you have read my blog for a while, you’ll know that in recent months I had somewhat fallen out of love with The Body Shop, often unintentionally overlooking it for other choices. This was for no particular reason, I used to have quite the Body Shop collection and I did miss the store in the months it was closed for the refurbishment. One thing The Body Shop always excel at is perfect offers and gift sets to make Christmas shopping that much easier so this was the perfect chance to rediscover my love.

The store is a world first concept, so as someone from Leeds I’m really delighted, and a little humbled that they have chosen our city. You can tell immediately when you step over the threshold that it is something special with the beautiful light fittings, and the frame that runs around the ceiling draped in green foliage.

A feature sink with copper taps
The new look Briggate branch looks much more zen, I had nothing at all against the previous design, actually thinking it was quite new and refreshed but the new style is amazing! There is a lot of greenery in the store, and more space seems to be given to showcasing the products. I spotted shower gels in measuring glasses, an ornate Drops of Youth display and even a stunning feature sink for demos. It feels as though every minute detail has been considered, and absolutely nothing overlooked.

What I really like about new layout is how much space is given over to treatment zones. At the event it was really clear how each zone of the shop worked. I do feel that there is perhaps less walking space in the store than before, though maybe because it was buzzing with people.

One of the things I had been excited about seeing in the new store was the ability to personalize body butters and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. You can opt for one of four festively dressed animals, and personalise the label so it reads ‘I’m mad about…’ It took but a few minutes to enter my text and then for the label to be printed. These would make such perfect gifts, especially for Christmas – I’m not sure how long this will be a feature or whether it will just be a seasonal instalment in the store.

The new look store also features a secret treatment room, hidden away at the back of the store, accompanying which is a rather impressive service menu. I won’t spoil the look too much, so make sure next time you visit to ask if you can see it for yourself. Treatments and lessons start at £10 and go up to £40, and every single one could be squeezed into an hour lunch break – which is perfect for where my office is! I’m really tempted to try one of the Skin Gyms or a Make Up Application Lesson, although for me 60 minutes might not be long enough!

A sneak peek into the VIP treatment room
My shopping partner and I had an amazing evening, exploring the store. We wondered up and down the rows looking at products, insisting on smelling almost every single one. During our VIP experience I was treated to a very relaxing hand massage and my friend had a consultation about the new Expert Facial Masks. I left feeling truly indulged and relaxed – which is a lot after the week I had been having! The staff were ever so friendly and warm throughout our entire stay – and we were one of the last to leave! I’m definitely planning to go back pretty soon – there are some amazing gifts I need to buy, and perhaps, a few things for myself!

Of course I couldn’t not buy anything having spent the next part of two hours chatting on the store! – Look out for a roundup of my purchases later this week.


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