Trick Or Treat – A Lush Halloween

A spread of products from the Lush Halloween range


Scared you, didn’t I? No? Oh, okay then. Lucky for me the season for sweet treats and over indulgence is now upon us and I couldn’t be more delighted about it. Lush are happy to oblige me and have brought out a range of Halloween themed goodies to unwind with.

I’ve had these treats for a while, but I couldn’t let Halloween go by without writing about them, so grab your candy and read on…

A Lord of Misrule and Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb
The Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb would have to be the one product from the range I was most excited about. I know, strictly speaking, that it isn’t Halloween related but I had caught a few snaps of it on Instagram and it promises the most wonderful, vibrant of baths. This cute little leaf cost £3.75, I know I’ll be back to pick up more before they go!

The Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, brings a bathing experience of deep green, with comforting black pepper and patchouli. It cost £3.95 so I would expect it to fizz for a medium length of time, as it does the green, reveals a mischievous layer of pink, with popping candy crackling away.

A fireside soap that looks like a flame, and a bottle of Lord of Misrule Shower Gel
Much similar to The Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb, the Shower Gel of the same name delivers a sensual blend of spice. Initially I wasn’t as keen as I expected on this scent, thinking it a little too heady, but as the mornings draw in more and more and each day as I wake the sky is a shade darker it grows on me. This 250g bottle set me back £9.95, which is a little expensive, I think this will be my only bottle of the season.

The Fireside soap looks quite the part, a slice of a warming flame with ideal colours for the cold season ahead with the equally apt scents of clove and vanilla. My sizeable 140g chunk cost £6.21, which I don’t think is all that bad. I don’t want to spoil the appearance, but I might cut it into smaller pieces so it is more manageable.

A Lush Monsters Ball and Pumpkin Bath bomb
Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb would have to be one of the headline items of the season. With its Cyclops eye, and innocent purple colour this bath bomb is packed with cocoa butter to nourish the skin whilst citrus aromas fill the air to help you unwind. Its at the top end of the price range for Lush bath bombs priced at £4.25, so I am hoping it delivers everything and more!

The face of the Pumpkin Bath Bomb is probably better than any I could carve, smelling of pumpkin pie, something which I have never had the delight of trying. For £3.95 the experience is one of vanilla and cinnamon as if you were baking your own sweet pie in the bathroom.

A Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar and Boo Bath Melt
The Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar I chose on the basis of its alluring citrus scent with a slight undercurrent of spice. It cost £3.95, which isn’t all too bad as its intended to be broken up and used over several baths. I’m just worried about how much glitter will be left on me and the bath afterwards! The final bath item I selected was the Boo Bath Melt for £3.50, as it promises a little more moisture than some of the other products that I had put in my basket. It does seem a little pricey though for something that is no taller than my thumb.

The only items that I didn’t buy from the Halloween range was the Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar (minimal glitter for me please!) and the Magic Wand Soap. I’m trying to cut back on the number of soaps I buy. I don’t use bar soaps that often, so I limited myself to just the one from this Halloween range.

In total I spent £39.46 which includes £3.75 for the Calvera Knot Wrap which I used as the backdrop, for all the shots and then gifted to my Sister. Soon I might write a spotlight on my ever growing Lush collection, including a few months with of Lush Kitchen orders which I promise to post too.

If you’re keen to try anything in this post make sure you get to your nearest Lush as soon as possible! Today is All Hallows’ eve, so these products won’t be around for much longer. I’d definitely recommend the Autumn Leaf and Pumpkin – if you have any favourites from this range please let me know!


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