A Lush Christmas Haul – Part Two

If ever there is a time of the year when you can truly indulge and unwind then it is Christmas. In particular that bit in between December 25th and the New Year when all the days seem to melt away and the most important task is crafting the best sandwich of leftovers. This year, Lush seem to have brought out the perfect range of products to help you unwind in the festive season and I’m doing my best to try most of them. If you missed the first part of my haul be sure to check it out here before reading on.

I apologise that this has taken longer to post than originally promised, and that it has been rather quiet on the blog front this past week. I have been afflicted with the most horrendous of colds, and barely able to function as a human being without Lemsip Max and a box of three ply. By now you’ve probably had the chance to check out the range yourself, but nevertheless here is the second part of my almighty Lush Christmas haul…

A Northern Lights Bath Bomb, Santasaurus Bubble Bar and a Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar
The Northern Lights Bath Bomb is one of the highlights of this year’s Christmas range. On first appearance it is good value for what is and will be quite a long bath bomb at just £3.95. The bomb fizzes away, leaving trails of blue and yellow swirling in the bath. I can’t wait to give it a try, though I might hold off until my parents are in Iceland, so I won’t be too jealous that they’re watching the Northern lights as I will be bathing in them (and also way warmer)!

I will admit I’m quite a fan of dinosaurs and would pick a visit to the Natural History Museum over the nearby V&A any day of the week, so the Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar is very much to my liking. I like that much of this year’s range has a rather comic and animated look to it, its all rather innocent and playful which I quite like.

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar is a cute experience for £3.95. I think this would make an ideal gift for any small children, but I definitely wont be giving this one away! I’ve never used a Bubble Bar before so I am hoping it fills the bath full of lemon scented bubble mountains.

A Peeping Santa Bubble Bar, shaped like a Santa's hat and Elf On The Shelf Fun
The Peeping Santa Bubble Bar cost £3.95, which is the same as The Christmas Penguin. The two together look so cute on the shelf, looking like adorable cartoon characters. Packed with shea this little guy also has a blend of oils, that promises to leave skin silky smooth and nourished after a long soak.

Just like many of the other Christmas products the Elf On The Shelf fun has a citrus based scent, though this one revolves around grapefruit, rather than orange, to which is added a hint of ginger. I have noticed that rather a lot of the products have orange based notes, this is by all means no bad thing, but I think a little more variety could be had. For £5.95 the 200g pack of what could be affectionately known as bath Playdoh comes in four shades, to craft a little helper for Santa.

A pot of Buche De Noel Cleanser and a Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar
This Bûche De Noel Fresh Cleanser is jam packed full of fruits such as cranberries and satsumas, with a naughty glug of brandy too, it’ll be a welcome festive change to my old tea tree scrub. There is also an alcohol free version for the same price of £7.25. The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar for £5.95 promises spicy golden bubbles smelling of those Christmas cooking staples cinnamon and clove and it looks the part too. Sadly my cinnamon stick broke in transit, which I have tried to disguise, but nonetheless  I still can’t wait to use it!

This half of my visit came to £35.75, which brought my total spend on the day to £76.45. It’s with a doubt the most I’ve ever spent in Lush in one go and is about the same as I would spend on the average L’Occitane visit – though I do feel as though I have gotten more bang for my buck here.

I am planning a return visit, I went shopping with a list and stuck to it, but there was much more in the store that took my fancy – including the Rose Jam Shower Gel which I must have!

With most of this haul being bath orientated I can’t wait for the nights to start drawing in so I can start indulging in in a long soak. I’m a little worried about using some of these on the new bath, I’m going to try a few of the more subtly coloured bath bombs I own first to check they don’t stain. Have you bought or tried any of my Lush Christmas products – let me know your thoughts!


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