The Growing Of A Collection – Whittards

Four small Whittards mini caddies on a shelf in pastel shades

A while ago, someone with with small willpower entered Whittards, emerging with four Summer Caddies, to add to an already large tea stash. That person would be me, and my Whittards Summer Mini Tea caddy collection has now reach the total of ten.

A close up the Garden Party Oolong and Lapsang Souchong Summer mini tea caddies

The first caddies that I laid eyes on that were not already in my collection were the Garden Party Oolong and Lapsang Souchong. Both caddies have a light pastel colour to the tins, meaning that they blend in perfectly with the six that I own already.

These are both flavours that I would never usually choose, and represent a rather large step outside of my comfort zone. To me they are more teas that would perhaps interest my Dad, but not me as I tend to stick to the fruit infusions and green teas. I am more than happy to try them and discover whether or not I do like them, but I think the flavours will be too much for me at the moment to like. Perhaps in a few years when my taste in tea has developed further you may find me sipping a Lapsang Souchong, but not at the moment.

The Petit Macaron and Cucumber Mint Summer mini caddy

Petit Macaron and Cucumber Mint were my other two caddies of choice. Petit Macaron promises a delicious sweet blend of of caramel, hazelnut and coconut, whereas Cucumber Mint is a refreshing combination peppermint leaves, sweet apple and juicy cucumber.

I think at this point it would probably be fair to admit that I have gone against my original pledge where I said I would not be buying the entire 12 caddies in the set. Now that I have reached what is probably the point of no return, having only two caddies in the set left to get I will definitely have to ensure that I upcycle them once they are finished. I think for the moment I will refill the flavours I like with the same teas, but when I do, eventually, move out I will probably repurpose the caddies into a makeshift spice rack.

In total I spent £21.60, with each caddy costing just £5.40 thanks to a nice 10% student discount. I haven’t had the chance to try any of these teas, but as the weather is now turning decidedly Autumnal I might make sure I dedicate some time this weekend to a hot brew!


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