A Lush Christmas Haul – Part One

My Lush shopping haul on the shelf
Over the past few months I have become quite the ‘Lushie’, my collection has almost quadrupled in size, and I have begun to explore much more of their range than I had in the past. Christmas is for me, my favourite time of the year – there is nothing I enjoy more than planning and buying gifts for others and then seeing their faces light up. So it only makes sense that last weekend I found myself outside my local Lush eagerly awaiting the launch of their Christmas range.

I bought quite the number of items, all of which I managed to sneak into the house, in fairness all of them are probably (read: definitely) for me. I’ve divided the haul into two parts, so that it’s easier to read and not all too long, as I bought about fifteen items, so here are the first eight…

Two bottles of the pink coloured Snow Fairy Shower gel
The first item that made it into my basket, was the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Snow Fairy is a scent that I would not usually choose, especially with the baby pink colour of the bottle, but I do love all things sweet in taste and this scent is certainly that. The smell evokes memories of retro sweets such as bubble gum and candy floss.

I chose to buy two 250g bottles, as I know that this is a very popular product so it would likely sell out. I also chose this size as several of my other Lush Shower Gels at home are also 250g bottles, so it appeals to my slight OCD. They did have 1kg bottles of Snow Fairy but that seemed a little excessive – I have no idea how anyone could manage the bottle in the shower with wet, slippy hands.

A Candy Mountain Bubble bar and Snow Fairy Fun
To follow on from the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, I then picked up the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and Snow Fairy fun, which both share the same scent as the Shower Gel. The Bubble bar cost £2.95 and is quite ‘cute’ though I’m hoping it doesn’t leave me covered in Glitter! The Snow Fairy Fun was something I just couldn’t resist either, I’m quite creative, and usually like to have something in my hands to fiddle with when talking, so this will be like a toy in the bath. This generous pack cost £5.95 , which I don’t think is all too bad, it comes with stickers too to make my creation well, more Fun!

Someone recently said to me that I was quite girly, which rather shocked me. I wouldn’t consider myself to be girly in the slightest – my favourite colour is blue, I like video games, my knowledge of makeup is virtually non-existent and I don’t own a single skirt. I would probably class the previous four purchases as rather girly, but then again should this bother me? I think, in life, the best way is to go with what makes you feel happy and stick to that. I know that part of the point of this blog and indeed my Birchbox subscriptions is to learn more about makeup and in that sense become more ‘girly’ (should that event be a term?!) but at the moment I’m happy(ish) and that’s what matters.

A Butterbear and Golden Wonder bath bomb, the first a white beat, and the seconv a golden present with a white ribbon shape on top
The Butterbear bath bomb at just £1.95 is this year’s incarnation of the Butterball Bath Bomb, or so I think. It has the same distinct vanilla and cocoa based scent, fizzing away, turning the bath luxurious milky colour. It is a very small bath bomb, particularly compared to many others that I have seen, but sometimes with my eczema bath bombs can be quite painful – I’m hoping that this smaller dose of indulgence might be the solution for when it flares up.

Golden Wonder has been one of the items that I have looked out for in Lush, in previous year’s Christmases, having been a go to gift. This one is definitely for me as I think I have only used one once myself. The smell is citrus based with orange and lime oils, as the golden present melts away it reveals quite the bright interior which livens up the bath. It’s a perfect little parcel of luxury! Compared to some of the other bath bombs, particularly the Butterbear, it is quite large which is why it costs £4.25 as it does provide quite the experience!

A blue Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, and a Reindeer Rock soap bar that is also blue, with the outline of a reindeer etched in gold, like a cave drawing
The Shooting Stars Bath Bomb, has a slight honey scent and reminds me somewhat of the Honey I Washed the Kids range. It’s the most vibrant blue, with glittering stars that float out into the bath, leaving golden trails like starts shooting across the night sky.  It cost £4.25 which isn’t all too bad – I can’t wait to use it!

I love the look of the Reindeer Rock soap – it appears something akin to a cave drawing, with the reindeer skeleton detail etched out in gold. The bar cost £4.75 and promises quite the sensual, fruity and tropical experience.  I’m going to have to hunt down a nice enough soap dish before I use it though as I don’t think Mother Balme would be too happy with me putting this iridescent blue soap on her diamond white new sink.

This, first half, of my Lush Haul cost £40.70, which averages out at about £5 per item. I think in terms of pricing everything was about spot on, perhaps if anything the Reindeer Rock could have been a little cheaper, but I place value in the fact that I know everything is handmade, cruelty free and made with only natural ingredients. I don’t worry often about what I am putting on my skin, but I know with Lush that it would never be a problem.

I’ll be posting part two in a couple of days, which will include the rest of my haul so look out for that soon, in the meantime, please let me know your thoughts on what I got – are these any of your favourites, or is there anything you think I must try this Lush Christmas?


5 thoughts on “A Lush Christmas Haul – Part One

      1. In general, any of their bath bombs and Rock Star soap. And for Christmas I cant wait to get the Snow Fairy products 🙂

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