A Harvey Nichols Haul

A picture of my shopping lined up on the shelf
Harvey Nichols seems to have become a Saturday staple for me, I zoom up in the lift, past the beauty counters I can’t begin to fathom, and the clothes rails I certainly can’t afford, up to the fourth floor mini food hall where I feel most comfortable.

Two vinegar bottles lined up, the Raspberry vinegar is a deep red and the and the mango a bright yellow
The moment I spotted the beautiful colours of these A L’Olivier Fruit Vinegars on the shelf I knew I couldn’t be without them. Each large size bottle cost £7.95 for what will (fingers crossed) be an intense blast of fruit. The two flavours I bought are Raspberry and Mango, both of which should be quite versatile.

I have a small collection of balsamic vinegars, which I add when cooking savoury dishes for a greater depth of flavour, but I’m keen to try these in sweet dishes. These are the first vinegars that I have bought that have been something other than brown in colour, hopefully this means that they will lend themselves much better to desserts.

A small bottle of Hendrick's gin
Harvey Nichols has a very fine selection of alcohol on the fourth floor, which includes quite the display of miniatures. I find that, for me, miniatures are a very good and not too expensive way to try out different alcohols. It would probably be considered that I am some way behind peers of my age in terms of my awareness of my own alcohol preferences. I have never really had much of a preference for alcohol, but I’m finding the occasional weekend gin hurts no one.

I’ve heard that Hendricks is more of a botanical gin, though I am not entirely sure what that means if I am being honest. At the moment I’m liking exploring different gin flavours, having thus far found that dry gins are rather to my taste.

A Picture of The Ten Food Commandments book by Jay RaynerI’m not particularly keen on Jay Rayner, I am sure that doesn’t bother him much, but this The Ten (Food) Commandments book rather intrigued me. If you read the blog often you’ll know I’m quite the keen cook and at the moment I’m trying out new flavours and techniques. A chapter in the book is dedicated to each commandment, there are zero pictures, but I did spy one or two recipes which must mean they’re good!

Recently I’ve been buying cooking books that focus more on tips than actual recipes, including an amazing book called Taste. As The Ten (Food) Commandments was just £6, I added it to the little pile I was making in my arms and made my way to the checkout.

In total I spent £27.90, which, as usual, I don’t think is too bad. I’ve had a little peek at the book already and it looks like an interesting read, I’m just waiting for a rainy day and a mug of hot chocolate for the perfect opportunity to settle in for an afternoon of reading. I’ll probably also be putting the fruit vinegars to use next time I cook. As for the gin? I’m just waiting for the weekend, I already have the tonic on standby.


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