A Lush Christmas

A sign with a drawn penguin in the Lush Window
Yesterday saw the launch of Christmas at Lush, with my obsession only having truly come on in the past few months I’m so thrilled to blog about what will be my first Lush Christmas! I was really excited to see what scents would be released, and having done some quite extensive stalking on the internet I couldn’t wait to see for myself. Thus I found myself awkwardly lingering outside the store, camera in hand, on a Saturday morning waiting for 9am to come!

A large Santa's Belly Shower Jelly on display in the store
The store certainly did not disappoint, and looked magical with the smells to match too! On display were large variations of products such as this phenomenal smelling Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly and a Santa’s Postbox that was almost lifesize! Being able to cheekily prod at the Shower Jellys I didn’t feel so upset about having missed the Lush Creative Showcase a few weeks back. It was clear that staff had put a lot of effort into turning the store around in what must have been a very short space of time overnight.

Lush soaps on display in the shop, with a large soap postbox
In the Christmas range there is something to suit everyone, with shower gels & jellies, bath bombs & melts as well as soaps, face cleansers and lip scrubs. There’s even Snowie a Bubble Bar styled to look like a David Bowie snowman, which will definitely be turning up in my Dad’s Christmas box, even if it’s just so I can see his face!

I must have spent a good forty minutes in the shop, marvelling at all the products, smelling shower gels, soaps, bath bombs and more. For me, someone who usually shops as if it’s a military exercise, this was pretty impressive and I couldn’t believe how much time had passed when I left the store! Christmas is one of those things in life that truly brings me pleasure, I like nothing more than planning and buying gifts for others, sneaking a few in for myself too of course!

A Lush Magic Cube gift set on a wooden bench
In store there is also quite the range of gift boxes and sets. Prices start at a very affordable £7.95 and go right up to an astonishing £170 for the Wow gift set (I honestly don’t think anybody will ever love me that much!). Usually at Christmas for friends and family I carefully fill gift boxes myself with wrapped delights so I won’t be buying many of these, but they will always come in handy if you get unexpected guests swinging by, or as little thank yous. They are all packaged beautifully including this Magic Cube – though I won’t spoil any surprises for you! There is something in the range for any significant person in your life, or for that puzzling secret Santa gift too!

Seasonal knot wraps have also been released too – I think this year I may try and be brave, wrapping bath bombs up myself to send to distant friends. I don’t really use the knot wraps at home, but they do make an incredible way to send a gift and the wraps have beautiful patterns!

A picture of Shooting for the Stars bath bomb being demoed, deep blues are swirled with gold stars
I was lucky enough that instore a few of the shop assistants offered to demo some of the bath bombs, including this Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb. It has a very relaxing honey scent and as it fizzes away the starts are released and float off making the bath look like a tranquil night sky. The shop assistants were really friendly, chatting about what products they were excited about, though I bet they were in for an incredibly busy day!

Obviously I couldn’t spend time looking at all these amazing products without buying anything – I ended up with my biggest Lush Haul, ever! I went pre-prepared with a shopping list and managed to stick to it, buying only what was on the list (which took some restraint!). This week I’ll be blogging about my purchases, so look out for a couple of posts on what I bought, including a few things you wouldn’t expect! I know I’ll be back to buy more of the Lush Christmas range, I had my eye on so many things, including the Rose Jam Shower Gel which I must get my hands on!

Has anything from the Lush Christmas range caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below!


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