A New Touch – Clas Ohlson Lamp

Many of you will know I still live at home with my parents. I don’t complain, much, it’s a good set up, and I have quite the spacious room that I have put time and effort into making my own, with little pieces and unique touches. I get along really well with my parents, and I’d think of my Mum as a very good friend – I tell her pretty much everything, well, almost.

Anyway, how this relates to the above picture of a lamp, is that recently I have been mulling with the idea of whether to push ahead with a plan to move out and rent, or stay at home with my parents longer, but invest a little in doing my room up. I don’t want to look back in a few years and think I have wasted years on rent, but at the same time it would be nice to have a little more freedom, I don’t think I’ve fully committed to either decision, which is how I probably ended up buying this lamp.

I had walked by Clas Ohlson on my way out to an event just on the outskirts of the city centre and the lighting display in the window caught my eye, on my return I just couldn’t resist going in and having a look.

For my bulb I chose and old style oversized model, I hope it will work quite well in my room. It is quite powerful and provides enough light to have a quiet, atmospheric reading session or enough to mean that I don’t strain my eyes whilst writing this blog!

To go with the bulb I opted for a matte black short base, other colours available were white and copper. I think I’m going to place this as the front of the room, not only as this will be the best place for maximum effect, but because I only have two different power points in my room.

I liked that you could mix and match bulbs and bases to suit your own style. I always had my eye on this base. but it took me a little longer to decide on the bulb, initially opting for something a little more subtle. There were also bases of different heights so you could buy more than one style, but still match.

The lamp brightens my room in the most pleasant of ways. It’s not yet at that stage of the year where I need to turn the lamp on straight away when I return home, however the map does help add some brightness to the room.

Clas Ohlson seemed to have quite the range of new any stylish light fittings, fixtures and lamps in, many of which caught my eye. If you’re looking out for a lamp to get you through the winter months or are just settling in to some student digs I would thoroughly recommend popping by!


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