A While Ago In Whittards

When I had ventured into Whittards in August, it had been the typical dreary weather that often summer succumbs to, where the rain is so loud that no matter how loud I turn the TV up it won’t drown out the biblical storm. In retrospect this probably explains a lot of my choices, as they certainly were not the iced teas of my previous few visits.

August I hear you ask!? I know, I’m sorry, I’d blame it on life but I’ve gotten rather good at posting these past few weeks. Somehow I’ve just managed to fall behind in posting about my teas and such. I’d say here are my latest purchases from Whittards, but they’re really not.

My original intention was to buy (just) this cafetiere, which was £15. I really admire the minimalistic design, with the chrome frame and feet, it looks the part, very sleek and smooth. It’s a three cup cafetiere, and for someone who doesn’t drink coffee it’s probably a little big, but I thought perhaps I could share, maybe.

I’d been keen to try the Taylors of Harrogate new Iced Coffee, however after buying a bag I discovered I didn’t have the right equipment, which was what led me to buying this cafetiere. I had been admiring it in store for a while, so buying the iced coffee was the final little push I needed to take the plunge and buy this.

This Rocky Road Hot Chocolate rather intrigued me, as something I hadn’t seen before. It promised a rich experience with a depth of flavour. This rather large pot cost £6 which I’m pretty chuffed about, just so long as it makes it to the Winter months.

It’s a really nice and rich flavour, and so comforting on a miserable day. I’d say because it’s rocky road you don’t need to top the hot chocolate with marshmallows, but it would be so cruel to to leave the whipped cream on it’s own.

Of course I just couldn’t go in Whittards without picking up another Summer Caddy, making this the sixth I own. This time I opted for Vanilla Sundae flavoured black tea. I haven’t strayed much past green tea and fruit infusions, so I’m hoping that this flavoured black tea will help me learn and try teas outside of my comfort zone.

The tea caddy cost £6, I really need to remember to take the voucher I have for £1.50 off the summer caddies. They are good value, but it seems silly to pay full price when I could very easily get a discount. I think I’m slightly hesitant to take it in as it’s attached to a little Whittards recipe leaflet for the summer caddies that I’m keen to try out and so I don’t want to give up the leaflet.

The last thing I bought was this Turkish Apple Flavoured Fruit Infusion for £6. I had bought this in the instant tea variation earlier in the summer, using it only for iced tea on the warm days. I hope that it will taste just as good, and this means that I can keep this one strictly for hot water and the other for when ice cubes and lemon slices are needed.

All in my trip cost £33, which I don’t think is too bad. I know I originally only went in for a cafetiere, but I’m really delighted with my purchases, especially the Rocky Road Hot Chocolate.

I’ve got a few more Whittards trips to post (the current count is three!), I apologise if the blog becomes a little bit more saturated with tea over the next couple of weeks, though I promise to spread them out a little.


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