Emma Bridgewater in TK Maxx

An idle Saturday spent browsing the aisles in TK Maxx and I was almost beside myself when I came across Emma Bridgewater stationery. I must have been redeeming some serious good karma to find these beauties…

I was really delighted and surprised to find Emma Bridgewater in TK Maxx, and of course the moment I laid eyes on it I snapped it up, staring with this To Do Pad for £2.99. It features an ink spot design in the classic blue of Emma Bridgewater, with a large space for writing down tasks and little areas for each day. I’ve only just come on to how good these are, being able to write down my meetings and deadlines on one easy to view pad. I know, technically, that is what a calendar is for, but I much prefer writing things down.

I’m a stickler for lists, to dos and any possible form of stationery that can help me organise my life. I’m a typical stationery hoarder, with plenty of cards as well as unused notebooks. I openly admit that I won’t be putting this to use just yet, I already have something similar on the go so it would be a little silly. I’m going to keep it somewhere safe until I can finally use it and I can’t wait.

Having spotted one Emma Bridgewater item and claimed it as my own, I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I came across this little sticky notes pad. The design isn’t exactly the same as the last item, but they work quite well together, with similar features. The theme strikes me as something that would work very well in the Winter months – through the colours, stars and typeface. This cute little pad with five different designs cost £2.99.

It does puzzle me somewhat how this and the last item can be priced the same by TK Maxx. The To Do Pad and these cute sticky notes differ in rrp by £2. They’re still very good value and less than what I could have paid directly, I’m just slightly puzzled as to TK Maxx’s logic on this decision.

The final thing I picked up was this pack of notecards for £3.99. I’m forever buying and hoarding notecards – I really think that sending them to friends or colleagues just adds a nice touch that you don’t often see anymore. When we have an awards event in Spring I send thank you cards to every single guest (and there was over 190 this year), and all those involved in the project.

There are various designs in the box but the cards seem to follow a watercolour style in the patterns, I find it somewhat reminiscent of a pattern that you might find on a plate or bowl. It’s an intricate design, there are plain kraft envelopes to match but I feel like these cards are very sophisticated – they will be saved for only the greatest of thanks!

Stationery doesn’t really go out of season – I found all the items I bought with a quick check on the Emma Bridgewater website, not even in the sale section, it definitely couldn’t be argued that these were old stock. I only saw three different Emma Bridgewater pieces, buying one of each I was that excited.

A colleague of mine said that had she spotted Kate Spade stationery TK Maxx recently – typically the one week I was off work and didn’t visit my local Leeds branch! It’s probably no secret that I’m really happy that TK Maxx is starting to stock brands such as these and I hope it only continues.

I’m really delighted with the treasures I discovered on my most recent visit to TK Maxx. I am such a big advocate of the brand, particularly the kitchen/homeware and stationery. I don’t really buy much clothes from there but I have managed to find a good few pieces in the past, including a prom dress – let me know if your have any particularly good TK Maxx finds!


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