The Call of Hunger – Wolf Street Food

At the moment I’m trying to ensure I take at least one lunch a week out of the office. It’s a conscious effort to not only get out of the office, but to banish my usual M&S Egg Mayonnaise sandwich for something much more exciting. I promise to blog about each new place I find, and to kick it all off, last week I visited Wolf.

I came across Wolf in the second edition of the Independent Leeds Little Black Book. I’d been on a quest to find exciting new eateries to visit within its crisp pages, spotting Wolf it instantly became top of my list, so read on to discover my thoughts…

Opening in Leeds late last year, Wolf has quickly become a favourite for the financial district within which it is located. Offering fresh, authentic Italian Street food of only the highest quality, it provides an upmarket alternative to stale lunch options, without the extra cost. Wolf is also vegetarian friendly with the fresh seasonal vegetables and meat free salads tempting even me!

Wolf has four locations, with Leeds being the only one in the North. It was surprisingly easy to find on my lunchtime walk, with its St. Paul’s Street setting being within close reach of many a city worker. It took me no longer than ten minutes to arrive, despite my office being at the very top of town, a perfect excuse for a lunchtime stroll.

The service was efficient and friendly, whilst there was a queue when I entered it wasn’t excessive and I am always pleased when I see and independent restaurant bustling with a vibrant atmosphere and people eating. The process of ordering is one with which you will be instantly familiar, you choose what could be classed as a ‘base’ and then your meat, and the choosing salad to add as you travel along the counter.

Diners can choose from four options as the foundation to their meal; a pasta or salad bowl, focaccia sandwich and a Piada. To all of which is then added the choice of meat – Lemon & Garlic Chicken, Hot & Spicy Chicken, Italian Pulled Pork, Garlic and Rosemary Steak, cold deli meats or fresh seasonable vegetables. Everything is prepared in store fresh on the day, with all the meat options marinated overnight to ensure they have a great depth of flavour. You can find their entire menu here, with far better descriptions than I just gave!

I opted for a Piada, a fresh Italian flatbread, onto which my lunch would be crafted.

Originally I had been undecided between a pasta bowl and a Piada, only deciding to opt for the latter when I made it to the counter. The wrap was absolutely divine, generously filled with the succulent chicken that had been marinated in a perfect blend of herbs, a touch of lemon in the chicken refreshed the taste with every mouthful. Having initially been a little hesitant about the use of spaghetti in a wrap I was instantly won over, and have now found my new favourite way to eat more carbohydrates in one go.

The veg and salad that I had chosen to be added to my Piada brought a fresh crunch to the whole affair, making it feel healthy despite it tasting very decadent. My wrap did leak a little oil out of the bottom, making for sticky fingers, however I think this may have been in part due to my slightly uncivilized manner of eating (I was very hungry!) and massacring it’s foil casing.

IMG_3369.JPGA lunchtime meal time meal deal costs £5.99 for a Piada, Pasta or Salad with either the Lemon & Garlic Chicken or Fresh Seasonal Vegetables. To accompany your meal you can also choose a snack and drink, which is pretty standard. If you were to buy something similar, freshly made in Trinity Kitchen it would be considerably more, so I think for the quality and freshness of the food you would be eating this is pretty competitive.

If you’re not able to get out for lunch Wolf also offer a range of platters to cater for functions or working lunches. They graciously open their doors at 7am on Fridays to serve weary commuters with breakfast and authentic Portioli Italian Coffee. It’s on one of my usual routes to work, so I will definitely have to stop by one morning for a Friday treat for getting through the week!

Wolf is an instant winner for me, the food was so fresh and delicious and the atmosphere just what you would expect of a well-polished street food venue. The pricing is pretty good, and the service is very efficient. It feels as if you are truly indulging for lunch, but without any of the added guilt. If you work in the city centre make sure you answer the call of hunger and pop by Wolf soon!

For the purposes of this review I was given a 50% discount on my lunchtime bill, however this did not in any way affect the outcome of my review. 


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