Lush Haul – Lively Scents

Another day, another Lush post – I seem to becoming quite the fan of late, and I’ve even placed my first Lush Kitchen order! On a Saturday morning I found myself absentmindedly browsing the shelves, picking up new things to try. All of the products I chose have rather strong scents to them, I think on the day I visited I must have had a slight cold, as I don’t remember them being as strong as they smell now!

It’s taken me a little while to write this up (I have a queue of Lush posts!), but here’s what tempted me on my most recent visit…

My first item was this I Love Juicy Shampoo for £5.75. The smell is like a tropical paradise with pineapples, mangoes and many more exotic fruits. It’s really lightweight and leaves my hair soft with a good shine, I’ve noticed that the scent lasts well into the day, which is always a nice surprise to inhale a tropical island when going about my daily business.

The Shower Cream in Yuzu and Cocoa scent intrigued me, so I just had to pick it up! Yuzu is an ingredient I have only recently come across, it’s a citrus scent that isn’t quite orange, but isn’t lemon either, it’s a kind of citrus hybrid originating from Asia. As this shower cream also has cocoa as an ingredient the smell is a little like a chocolate orange, which I am certainly not going to complain about. This 100g bottle cost £4.95 which is about standard for things of this size in Lush.

Fairly Traded Honey was the second shampoo that made it into my clutches (I need to learn when to admit defeat and get a basket!) for £7.75. It smells just like honey from a jar. I’ve used it for a couple of washes already, however I think I’m going to hold out on using it anymore until the nights start to draw in, as this would be a perfect, heavier, scent for when you need warmth and comfort to get you through those harsh Winter mornings.

I cannot wait to try out this D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap, which promises the most heavenly smelling shaving experience. As well as the strawberry, cocoa butter and golden syrup are packed into this little pot, giving a luscious and moisturising finish to the shave. At £5.75 I’m hoping a little goes a long way, just like many of my other Lush products, to make it good value.

The Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask has such a potent scent, it is the first thing you notice after removing the lid. The texture is very coarse with large exfoliating grains that brighten the skin right up. I’m hoping that one morning I leave myself long enough to give it a go before I hop in the shower, as I’m sure it would be a perfect wake up call! It was £6.75 for and 150g pot that livens me up better than a bottle of Lucozade.

The good thing about these little black pots is that you can take them back into the store to recycle, and for every five that you bring in Lush will reward you with a free Fresh Face Mask. It’s a really positive initiative, and I support anything that encourages people to recycle. I think I’ve read somewhere that you can also take some of their other packaging in, such as bottle lids too.

The last thing I purchased was several Tea Tree Toner Tabs for £1 each. When my face needs an extra hit of tea tree and some smoothing aloe all I have to do is pop them in a bowl of water and steam my face. They promise to open up the pores and banish any impurities in no time at all. I’m a bit hesitant to steam my face as the last time I tried it I burnt my chin quite noticeably – these things only seem to happen to me!

My total spend came to £33.95, which is a bit of a splurge – I can’t keep making a habit of these naughty weekend Lush visits! Lush is all natural, handmade and supports great causes, I know I could of probably picked up similar items at Boots for half the price, but that’s just not the point is it?! I would rather pay more, and know that my products are cruelty free, and besides, you find me a Yuzu and Cocoa shower gel in Boots!

I somehow have a little Lush collection growing at home it would seem, it’s not quite anything to rival my L’Occitane collection, but it’s not something I readily leave lying around when my Mum is about (she’d have a heart attack)! I’m super excited to see what they unveil for Halloween and Christmas!

I’ve already been using I Love Juicy and Fairly Traded Honey, but I can’t wait to put the other products to use too – with the busy few weeks we’ve got coming up at work I think I’ll need all the pampering I can get!


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