A Look In Lindt – New Leeds Store

New in Leeds is the Lindt Chocolate shop – located on the lower level of Trinity Leeds it promises a whole world of chocolate goodness. Naturally I couldn’t resist going in and checking it out – I lasted a whole 24 hours before I stepped over the threshold and was enveloped in the most heavenly chocolate scents.

Entering the store I armed myself with the chicest golden shopping basket to fill with all manner of delights. The store was very spacious, maximising the space much better than the previous shop that occupied this location. Subconsciously the store seemed divided into sections, beautiful areas for each Lindt range with the most space dedicated to the Lindor truffles.

The whole store smelt exactly as if they had just unwrapped boxes upon boxes of Lindor Truffles. It was if the chocolate was melting in my mouth, tempting me to buy chocolate, to indulge all the senses and spend. I could have happily spent hours breathing it in as it was divine, I know it’s probably like that to make me part with more cash, but I honestly don’t care.

There is something in the shop for everyone with the broadest range of flavours imaginable, including ones that I have never seen and treats that I haven’t spotted in a while. Thankfully they had my favourite variety of Lindor the Stracciatella. I’m not one for white chocolate usually, but this ice cream inspired flavour would have to be up there with some of my all time favourites.

Everything in the store was beautiful, and expertly arranged, I felt bad taking items off shelves, ensuring I neaten the display and didn’t leave any gaps. The decor was themed heavily with dark woods, mirrors and gold accents. It didn’t seem at all overcrowded with space to browse, though I had gone in just after opening and the store was fairly quiet, I can imagine come Christmas that it might be a little more hectic.

I was in awe about the variation of chocolate that they sell, I had to be quite restrained in my purchases. In life, there are seldom opportunities to be surrounded by as much chocolate as this at any one time so it’s hard to know how to act.

At first glance the shop seems to be quite good value, based off memory many of the prices in the store seem to be quite similar to what I have paid previously in supermarkets for these products. There was a large selection of chocolates available for a pick and mix, based on weight, with chocolates in almost every flavour imaginable. There are gift boxes to choose from that you can fill yourself or pre-prepared ones and you can even get wedding favours too!

Of course I couldn’t go in without making a purchase, and I ended up with quite the bag – there’s a bit too much for this post. Look out for a full run down of my chocolate haul very soon!


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