Papergang #1 – August 2016

Stationery is one of my true desires in life, aside from good food, chic homeware and fulfilling my quest to keep dust away from my Xbox. What better way to indulge in one of my great joys than receiving a carefully curated box each month.

If you read my post about a week ago then you’ll know that I recently signed up to a Papergang subscription. It wasn’t long before my first box hit the doormat, so here’s a rundown of my thoughts on what I received.

The headline item of the month was this Blue Marble Quarter Bound Notebook designed by Jamie Mitchell, which is absolutely amazing. A4 in size, it is bound with a black fabric spine and decorated in the most wonderful marble effect pattern. A small copper rectangle makes it somewhat reminiscent of school notebooks, but it is far more distinguished than anything I ever lugged about in my backpack. Even if I were to judge the contents and worth of the box on this notebook alone, not just for first impressions, I would still be thoroughly satisfied.

It does have copper gilded edges on the paper, which I’m not that keen on but overall it is a stunning notebook,  I’m going to have to find something equally as stunning to write in it – it is definitely not for to do lists, or work. Maybe I should give bullet journaling a go?

This month view calendar card for September would have to be my second favourite item of the box. Again, I like the cold, dark effect of the marble pattern. I’ve taken mine to work, September is going to be one hell of a month so it’ll be handy to remind myself what day we are on. I hope that future deliveries have similar style items as it’s really handy to have.

Ohh Deer’s own brand of Washi Tape was also included in the box in a metallic copper, fitting with the box’s theme. I hadn’t come across Washi tape before this – whilst I do dabble a little in crafting, it is mainly just sticking saved recipes into a scrapbook with little thought for any further finishing details. I think that this will be perfect when I have to wrap presents up, as it will both compliment and clash with some of my wrapping papers.

This Ohh Deer card isn’t something that I would usually choose, but I do very much appreciate it’s style. I like how the box is showing me things and exploring styles that I might not necessarily know of, or choose. I don’t really know how to classify the style – it’s slightly Nordic but infused with something else too, though I cannot place my finger on what. I’m going to give this the kind person who recommended Papergang to me when she saw it in Stylist magazine as a gesture of thanks.

I must though give mention to something which did diminish the impact of the box somewhat. The placement of an oversized address sticker on the packaging was ill thought out, whether done by Ohh Deer or Royal Mail this is something that I think needs to be considered for future boxes. For obvious reasons I’m not putting a picture of the address label, but this quick glance on Instagram will show you what I mean. The sticker could be reduced in size, by half at least, as there is so much blank space and given a designated spot on the rear of each package where it does not affect with the cut out and fold design. Having it on the front, in the size it is at current does detract from what is otherwise a stunning and minimalistic packaging design.

In my box I also received this little patch of Drew. Drew is like a mascot for Papergang, with his standout pencil hair, it’s a really nice touch for new subscribers and an awesome way to show that you are a Papergangster. I’m not one for badges or patches, so I think I will pin this to my corkboard to show a subtle allegiance with fellow stationery fans.

Each item’s details are listed on an insert with associated recommended retail prices, according to this the A4 Notepad costs £12.95, which is almost the same as the box including postage! I think therefore that this box is rather good value, adding on all the other contents the total value comes to £19.90. I know that these RRPs are not what Papergang will have paid for the items, I imagine that they will have gotten quite the discounted prices but as they aren’t something I would under any circumstances have access to I am quite happy to consider this good value.

I have allowed my subscription to renew for the coming month on the basis of the contents that I received in my first month. I’m probably going to continue for two more boxes, and then evaluate my subscriptions. I have been disappointed with Birchbox recently so I need to decide if I want to continue that or start something new, although I probably don’t need to amass any more stationery than I already have! Perhaps in the future I will just dip in and out, depending on whether or not the previews and teasers of upcoming boxes is enough to draw me in.

They haven’t revealed too much about September’s box, other than a very striking blue colour – perhaps with us now approaching the colder months, the products will focus around this theme, whatever I am bound to receive, I cannot wait! Having looked at some of the previous designs – particularly that of July and May I only wish that I would have signed up sooner! If you want to become a Paperganster like me please use this refer-a-friend link that I have been given.

I’m absolutely thrilled with this, my first, Papergang box and am delighted to have renewed my monthly subscription – I can only wait with eager anticipation to see what September brings.


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