Tales of TK Maxx

In need of a few items one afternoon post work I found myself wondering into TK Maxx for a light spot of retail therapy.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll know I’m a big fan of TK Maxx and love hunting through the kitchen and homeware sections to be rewarded with a really good find and this occasion was no different.

The first thing that made it into my clutches when I was musing my way around the store was ‘Quinntessential Baking,’ a book by the 2013 winner of The Great British Bake Off Frances Quinn for £12.99.

What I liked most about the book, and what led to me buying it was the fact that each and every recipe in the book is very creative, it’s never just a box standard Victoria sponge or cupcake. I find some of the designs she has created very inspirational and even if I don’t try all of the recipes I hope they might still spur me on to design some of my own cakes.

I’ll freely admit that despite Frances Quinn winning GBBO, she wasn’t the contestant the Balme Household were routing for, but despite this I do quite like this book – I only have to test out some of the recipes now!

I couldn’t believe my luck when I then also found these George Stanley File Folders, which were unbelievably reduced to clear at just £2! The stationery section is usually the second aisle I’ll head to, after bakeware of course.

The folders each feature slogans like ‘now or never’, ‘sooner or later’ and ‘one of these days’. I really like the minimalistic design of the kraft card and slogans in black. I have zero idea what I will put in these folders, I won’t be taking them to work or anything

George Stanley is one of those brands that you seem to find uniquely in TK Maxx and I do covet their range very much – at work I have a growing collection of George Stanley thank you and note cards. I have tried to find a website or online store, but have had absolutely no luck.

The original reason that I had gone into TK Maxx was to find a birthday card, not the usual place to head, I know, but recently they have started stocking some pretty nice cards and plus I get to shop for other things too!

I was looking for an unbirthday birthday card, so this set caught my eye as I liked the minimalistic designs to some of them. For £3.99 I got ten cards in assorted styles. The one thing that I don’t like however and I didn’t realise before I bought them was that they come with envelopes that are very much akin to greaseproof paper.

In total my little visit came to £18.98, which isn’t too bad. I’d already used the cards before I took the pictures for this blog for a birthday, and I hope it won’t be too much longer before I can use the rest of my purchases too!


3 thoughts on “Tales of TK Maxx

    1. It’s so good – I restrict myself to about once every fortnight just to make sure I don’t go crazy. I’m kind of glad there’s not one of TK Maxx’s sister brand Homesense in Leeds as I would spend so much there, it’s just amazing.

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      1. Where I live there are a few shops like it that I just have to not go in cause all my money would be gone 😂
        But yeah I like going in and not knowing what I’ll find

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