A Perfect Pamper – Body Shop Expert Facial Masks

A sunny Saturday whilst doing some shopping and I happened to pop in The Body shop and come across their new Expert Facial Masks range.

The Body Shop is one of my favourite places to shop for a little treat, especially when I need a little pamper and their new masks promised just that…

The Expert Facial Masks range promises nourishment, moisture and cleansing from only the finest ingredients inspired by nature. Each mask fits a different beauty need, and with five in the range The Body Shop have got it all covered!

All the masks are 100% vegetarian – this isn’t something I would ever usually consider when buying beauty products, but it is certainly good to know! They are also paraben, silicone, mineral oil and paraffin free, which is really reassuring considering the recent news about the environmental impact of microbeads and such in beauty products.

The masks are priced at £15 each which I think is reasonable. Admittedly it is almost double what the nearest equivalent on the market is priced at – that being the L’Oréal Pure Clay masks. I think the difference in price is very much justified however, as the Body Shop masks are not only a third larger but I also feel as if the ingredients used are derived from natural sources and thus should be kinder to the skin. The packaging is way more chic too!

The consistency varies between each of the masks with the Ethiopian Honey and Amazonian Acai being lighter compared to the Himalayan Charcoal which is a thicker substance. None of them feel to heavy or dense on the skin and they are all really easy to remove leaving no awkward residue.

I really like the packaging of the range – I find it to be very sleek and polished, with the contrast between the dark grey hues of the box and brights of the labels. The inside of the boxes match the bright colours of the labels too which is a nice surprise. They look quite the part on my shelf at home and displaying them like this will hopefully mean I remember to pamper myself a little more! Body Shop seemed to have made quite the effort to rebrand and repackage some of their lines over the past few years and I really think they’re much better for it especially with the refreshed and revamped stores.

The Amazonian Acai has to be the one I was most excited about buying and trying. When you open it the consistency is somewhat akin to a runny jam – and it smells just as heavenly too. The scent is a very strong hint of berries, like a strawberry or mulberry. It applies ever so smoothly, for the ten minutes you let the mask do its magic it smells like you are somewhere exotic!

Not only are these masks perfect to use on their own but the assistant instore also recommended that they can be used for ‘multimasking’, giving me a leaflet with suggested combinations. I had never come across multimasking before – but now it seems like such a good idea! A quick Instagram search shows it’s quite the clever and established trend with these particular masks being splashed across the newsfeed along with L’Oréal’s Pure clay Masks.

Multimasking is definitely the way forward, especially with the combination of masks that I have. Usually, I’ll use face masks that draw out impurities on the entirety of my face, but my cheeks aren’t really a problem area so it’s not really necessary and come Winter I get aggressive patches of dry skin as a result of my eczema so need to treat them separately. For my first multimask I’m planning to use the charcoal on my t-zone, the acai below my eyes where my skin looks quite tired and dull, and then the honey masks for the cheeks and the rest of my face. The Body Shop are trying to get people to post pictures of themselves multimasking using #Daretomask – if I’m feeling particularly brave you might see me on there soon!

I also treated myself to this beautiful Facial Mask Brush to use with the masks for £7. The bristles are ever so soft and only heighten the feeling of luxury when using the masks. The brush looks the part in dark woody hues, matching the packaging of the Expert Facial Masks, as well as the Spa of the World range. It makes application much easier and far less messy – I’m always convinced that using my fingers when applying a mask is only adding more dirt to the mix, not matter how clean my hands are! The bristles are very densely packed, but it’s still very easy to clean with a few splashes of warm water.

I was also given samples of the two masks that I did not purchase – the Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask and the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask which I promise to use soon! I didn’t choose these two as the others appealed to me more, both in their ingredients and effects as well as the scents. I didn’t think I could stretch to buying all five!

The staff in the store were all super friendly and helpful – really happy to chat to me about the new range, which is exactly what have come to expect of my local store. I’d also gone in carrying my bag full of goodies from my trip to the new Lindt store in Trinity Leeds (blog post later this week!) and we had a good natter about what it was like.

I’m really delighted with my purchases and can’t wait to use them some more – I’m on leave all this week so it’s the perfect excuse for a pamper! You can check out the full range of masks on The Body Shop’s website, including the English Rose version which I have my eye on!


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