A Newfound Love: Elsie and Nell

IMG_2500.JPGMillennium Galleries and the Winter Gardens are two places I must visit whenever I’m in Sheffield, the exhibitions and the towering tropical plants are so wondrous! Surprise, surprise I also like visiting as the Millennium Galleries has an incredible shop that stocks independent and local artists and designers.

On my latest visit I picked up a couple of pieces by Elsie and Nell who were unknown to me before, but not might just be one of my favourites.

The first thing that I bought was this ‘Don’t Quit Your Daydream’ banner for £14.50, I’m probably going through the typical mid-twenties crisis of still living in my parent’s house (aren’t we all?!), which is why this probably spoke to me.

I really like the font they use, it’s a little reminiscent of some of my favourite stationery brands, which is probably what attracted me to it in the first place. They had a range of different slogans and I very nearly bought a ‘Work Hard and Be Nice’ one instead.

I haven’t found a place to hang it yet, but I know it would go perfectly wherever I chose. I thought about taking this in to work, but it’s far too nice, and I wouldn’t want anyone to get desk envy!

I couldn’t resist also picking up this little purse for £10, anyone who reads this blog will probably know how true this statement is for me. I really like the block writing style and how it looks rather minimal and I know a few of my friends who would love one of these too. Similar to the banner they had a variations of different slogans and also white text on black material.

Like the banner I haven’t used it for anything yet, I’m still in that post-purchase phase where I just want to covet and preserve them! I really like Elsie and Nell products and am glad that I took the time to stop and take a look at their range – it’s likely that soon these won’t be the only two items I own. They have such a good range and not just in purses or banners like I bought, there are all sorts such as bags and notebooks.

I bought these at the Millennium Galleries/Winter Gardens in Sheffield, if you can’t get there you can also find Elsie and Nell online. Elsie and Nell products would make chic, unique gifts for a stylish friend don’t be surprised if in four months you find something from this incredible independent designer in your stocking!


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