A Look in Lush

After recovering from the slight embarrassment of my last visit to Lush, where I made an abominable version of the Comforter Bubble Bar it want too long before I was back over the threshold and picking up some more bathroom treats.

So here’s what I purchased on my most recent visit…

One of the first things that made it into basket, was a small bottle of Beautiful Shower Gel for £4.95. The sent is quite fruity, but had subtle notes of musk too which I really like. It lathers up really well and a little goes a very long way – creating a surprising amount of bubbles.

I have been using the shower gel almost every day since I have bought it, whilst it does look almost as if it has glitter in (something to which I am very much adverse), I can truthfully say that when using it this isn’t the case. Yes, the bubbles have an added twinkle, but thankfully I haven’t gone to work finding glitter on myself.

The Softy Foot Lotion is a new Lush favourite of mine! At £7.95 for 100g this marshmallow and lavender scented treatment for your feet is a nice alternative to typical peppermint foot products that you might usually find. It soaks in really well, and and rather quickly, though I still manage to use it as an excuse to put my feet up for a good ten minutes!

Believe it or not, I’m still suffering from a bit of a breakout (it’s been that long I can’t tell if it’s completely new one, or the same one that just won’t go away) hence the Tea Tree Toner. I’ve been switching out my Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic for this Toner for the last few days since I bought it in the hopes it would help. This little bottle cost £4.50 which isn’t that bad, but I’m hoping it works wonders.

The Bubblegum Lip Scrub was a bit of an impulse purchase at the till as it looked scrummy – and oh my golly gosh it is! It tastes sugary sweet just like you would hope. I think I did a better job at ingesting most of it them first time I used it, but it does bring my lips out a treat. I’ve been using it on alternate nights before sleep, and then following up with a generous coat of my Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. This small pot cost 5.50, which is rather expensive for a impulse purchase at the till, but it is really good!

The last two items in my bag were a Lava Lamp Bath Bomb (left, £4.25) and a Brightside Bubble Bar (right, £4.95). Both of these items I picked up for their bright colours and their cirrus based scents as its quite warm out at the moment so I want uplifting scents rather than one with heavy base notes.

The awkward thing is that chez Balme has just had a whole new bathroom fitted, in glorious white. Understandably so, Mother has seemingly banned the used of Lush products, in particular bath bombs and bubble bars for the time being. I wouldn’t imagine that Lush products would stain baths, otherwise like a friend pointed out they would be getting sued all the time. Abiding by the house rules I haven’t used either of these, as much as I would like to, but I am making sure my next long weekend wherever comes with a bath!

I also bought the spotty knot wrap that you see used as the setting for each of the pictures, it’s very chic, but I haven’t used it for anything. I think I might tie it to a bag as I couldn’t cope with using is as a neck scarf. All knot wraps cost £4.50 and come in a wondrous range of colours and designs – I haven’t seen two that are alike yet!

What I really like about Lush, in particular my Local Leeds branch, is that the staff are always upbeat and welcoming. I call (secretly) them the happy elves, which lets face it, if you’ve ever had to go to Lush in the week before Christmas is very true! If I’m feeling a bit down I’ll always pop by Lush, even if I don’t buy something it’s hard not to pick up on the infectious happiness of staff whilst browsing the shelves in wonder.

The total of my shop was £36.60, which probably isn’t all that bad. I don’t make a habit of spending this much in Lush very often, even though I know it would be very easy to, as well as easy to spend much more.

I’m really enjoying the treats I got, especially the Beautiful Shower Gel. I know it won’t be too long before I’m back in again, look out for another Lush visit soon!


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