Lakeland Haul

On a balmy summer’s day recently, I made the most of the weather and hopped on a train across to York.

In my holy triangle of places to visit in York, Lakeland sits a firm second, loosing out only to Betty’s, so here’s what I bought on this occasion…

What I had originally gone into Lakeland for was a microwave rice cooker and this stylish Lékué version fit the bill perfectly. At £17.99 it’s probably not the cheapest but it should do the job rather well. Mercifully it comes with instructions and timings for different varieties of rice and grains too so I’m not left wondering. It is a little bigger than I need, especially if I am just making lunch for one.

At the moment I am trying to get into the habit of making my own lunches that are not only cheaper but healthier too. I have several different bags of rice at home, including my favourite long grain wild rice, but I hate having to stand over a stove as rice seems to take forever to cook. I’m really hoping that this works a treat.

Having spied it on the shelf there was no way I could leave with out buying this Oil & Co Oil Can. Blogger cliche, I know, but I really like the copper effect. It was just £4.99, it’s actually rather quite large fitting 400ml of liquid in and I can’t wait to start using it.

I’m quite good at being able to mix my own dressings – or so I think anyway! I think this can would be a little too large for doing this though, as I can get boated of flavours quite easily. One thing that my mother does that I would like to emulate is to make her own garlic infused oil and I think this little can would be just perfect!

I don’t actually own any bags of coffee, but as these Barista & Co Coffee Bag Clips were in the sale at £6.99 and ever so stylish I could resist. I really like Barista & Co’s range of coffee paraphernalia, but as someone who barely ever drinks the black stuff, and when I do it’s only ever in a to-go paper cup, I hadn’t invested in any of their pieces.

I like the three different shades the clips come in, colours that are emulated throughout the brand’s range, and the brushed metal effect to each of them. I guess I don’t actually have yo use them to clip bags of coffee – they could be used for all sorts, including for keeping a certain bag of Goji Acai tea I have on the go airtight.

The Silicone Tea Bag is good, at £3.99 I probably shouldn’t complain, but it is more suited to a mug than a teacup, which is what I was intending it for. As yet I haven’t managed to infuse a mug of tea to my liking whilst using it. The holes are a little too small and I find that it floats meaning that the tea leaves don’t get much chance to move or expand.

The mini bites press was a bit of an impulse purchase at £1.25, but I find little gadgets and pieces like this always come in handy in the kitchen.

My shop came to £35.21, which I’m pretty pleased about – have you got any Lakeland favourites? Let me know!


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