A Papergang Preview

Papergang is a relatively new subscription service, promising the chicest and most covetable stationery through your letterbox every month. Run by the Gods at Ohh Deer each box showcases the very best of an artist or theme.

After several months of umming and ahhing, and lots of indecision I finally signed up just in time for the August edition. Before my first box hits the mat I thought I would share with you a few of my first impressions…

Image courtesy of Papergang/Ohh Deer

Each box that is sent is an eclectic mix of pieces, however I think most if not all so far have had a notebook or pad. I particularly liked the May’s box, which can be seen above, with monochrome drawings and patterns as well as the cute little scissors. July’s box was a showcase of popular greetings artist Gemma Correll, featuring a notebook, washi tape and more. I am praying that one day Papergang collaborate with my all time favourite Rifle Paper Co – that would be heaven! I do wish in some ways that I had of signed up when they launched back in March however time very much got away from me.

Stationery is one of my big loves, I’ve been told I’m really boring before but I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking stationery. I have a small pile of notebooks at home that I am far too fond of to write in, and I own more fountain pens than there are days of the week! I was forever driving my Mother around the bend whilst at school, insisting on a new pencil case and stationery set at the start of each term.

The boxes are sent out at the end of each month – usually with in the last ten days, which is very handy for payday, and a nice little treat to look forward to too. I left it very much until the eleventh hour to finally subscribe, which is why my box will be here so soon!

I don’t know all too much about the contents of my first box – though Papergang have teased that products will follow the theme of marble and copper. This month’s theme is what convinced me to subscribe – I cannot wait to receive some cold, polished goodies!

The subscription costs £9.95 a month as well as a £1.95 for postage. I had a discount code for 20% off the first box which essentially negated the postage fees. Most subscription boxes that I have seen are around the £10 mark so I think this is fairly reasonable and I am hoping that the contents will be worthwhile – as you may have seen I was fairly disappointed with my last Birchbox. At the moment I have subscribed on what I envisage to be a temporary basis – perhaps three months, to see if I like it.

If you’re a stationery lover like me and would like to become a Papergangster too please do so using this refer-a-friend link here  and make sure you let me know so we can chat about our boxes!

I’m really excited about receiving my first box any day now – look out for a blog post soon!


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