Giving Giraffe A Go

Tucked away at the top of Trinity Leeds Giraffe is a choice that I have unintentionally overlooked many times before, but on a humid day my favourite dining partner and I took a table for two.

To begin with, over a good chin wagging, we shared the Breads of the World starter. A range of three different types of bread, accompanied by the usual olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.

The three breads we were treated to were, and I am guessing as I cannot find it on any menu, focaccia, a garlic flatbread and a toasted brushchetta. I might not necessarily class them as breads ‘of the world’, being nothing particularly exotic, but they were very enjoyable nonetheless. I think I was a little too exuberant in my eating as I had almost finished my third piece before my dining partner was even half way through her first. Oops!
The menu is quite diverse and there is something to please almost every palate so it wasn’t at all hard to find several options for my main course that I fancied.

After some to-ing and fro-ing I opted for the Rodeo Chicken burger, a towering stack of Chicken, bacon and tomato with mushroom, rocket and topped with a crispy onion ring. It was very delightful, and quite satisfying. The flavours all seemed to work well together and it was tasty, but it felt as though it was lacking something, thought I was unable to place my finger on what. My burger was served with chips, which were very lightly seasoned and a good texture. I did unfortunately find that a few areas of the chicken in my burger were a little too well cooked, leaving a slight charred taste in the mouth, but that was only a slight complaint in an otherwise good burger.

My dining partner feasted on the Halloumi and Falafel burger, which looked very tempting, even for me who usually turns my nose up at a wholly vegetarian affair. Initially a little apprehensive having never had falafel before, she found her burger to be divine! The Halloumi was cooked perfectly and there was a nice balance of flavours between the falafel, Halloumi and hummus in the burger. The salad inside gave it a wonderful crunch too. She said it was delicious and incredibly filling too!

For pudding I ate Churros and my dining partner has this inviting looking Hot Choc Brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream which she rather enjoyed. My Churros were dusted in cinnamon sugar and served with a warm chocolate sauce in a little pot for dipping. It was a fair portion, the presentation was a little underwhelming, but how could it compare next to the mouthwatering chocolate brownie drizzled with sauce?! My dining partner always seems to pick the better dessert options!

I must, sad though it may seem, give some time over to talk about the crockery used by Giraffe. I really like all the dishes on which our food was served. They were a nice mix of bright and serene colours that looked slightly rustic and charming. I think they enhanced making the meal look fresh and appetising.

During our meal we made our way through the entire mocktails menu, though this not a particularly difficult feat when there were only three options. The Mocktails we drank ranged from £2.95 to £3.95 in price which isn’t all that bad. The stand out one would have to be The Wavebreaker, a refreshing blend of pineapple and coconut, served over ice in a Kilner mug.

The service was really good throughout the entire meal, we were waited on by Isla, who seemed to have a number of tables in the seating area outside the restaurant. She was very attentive and able to give suggestions and answer questions on the menu very knowledgeably.

The total for our three cause affair came to £63.69, including six drinks and an added optional service charge of £5.79. I think it’s quite a reasonable bill for that which we ate and drank. If you’re thinking about trying Giraffe check out their menu here!

I was quite pleased with my first experience at Giraffe, whilst I wasn’t overwhelmed, at the same time I wasn’t underwhelmed either. The food was rather nice and the service good, it has a laid back and relaxed atmosphere with a summery vibe. I noticed during out meal that Giraffe is very kid friendly as well and if ever I end up being an aunt I would know where to take them!


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